Debt Funding For Film “River Runs Red” Provided by Almost Never Films

Almost Never Film Debt Funding Red River Runs

Almost Never Film Debt Funding Red River Runs

Almost Never Films, Inc. is proud to announce that the Company has provided debt funding to feature film “River Runs Red”. In addition, the film is being shot in the state of Kentucky.

“River Runs Red” follows the story of an African-American Judge whose son is badly killed by police officers. When the courts don’t acquit the police officers of their wrongdoing, the Judge must choose whether the courts are the only arbitrators of justice.

“River Runs Red” stars John Cusack, whose incredible career includes such films as “Say Anything”, “2012”, “Con Air”, (starring Nicholas Cage), “Gross Pointe Blank”, “1408” (starring Samuel L. Jackson), and was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor for his performance in “High Fidelity”.Cusack also had the lead along Jackie Chan in the 2015 Chinese historical action film “Dragon Blade” which was produced by Huayi Brothers, Shanghai Film Group and Shenzhen Tencent Video.

In addition, the cast also includes Taye Diggs who starred in “Chicago”, “The Best Man”, and “The Best Man Holiday”, Luke Hemsworth from the HBO Series “West World”, and comedian George Lopez best known for his ABC sitcom “George Lopez”.

“We are thrilled to continually help film makers realize their visions,” said Almost Never Films CEO Danny Chan.

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