Ohio-Based BIBIBOP Asian Grill Restaurant Is Making a Big Splash in Los Angeles, With Health Minded Food!


The Columbus-chain BIBIBOP Asian Grill is making its way to Los Angeles, California. Serving up incredible build-your-own-bowl type food, but with Korean style influences, they maintain very healthy, sustainable ingredients with an Asian twist.



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BIBIBOP Asian Grill is based on the same model as Chipotle, but with better ingredients. BIBIBOP promises to be the next phenomenon in LA’s foodie scene. Their current locations near the Beverly Center, Hollywood, Westwood and Santa Monica (opening at the end of August), areas are proving to be great success stories.

Shophouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, a restaurant chain that also specialized in Asian cuisine owned by Chipotle, went out of business after experiencing a massive decline in sales. They shut down all their locations. BIBIBOP made a smart move by acquiring Shophouse’s closed locations. They are two completely different entities, not at all affiliated with one another, but Shophouse loss is definitely BIBIBOP’s gain. Serving up tasty Korean based meats, with an incredible variety of sauces of all palates, you will not be disappointed. BIBIBOP Asian Grill is here to stay and will stand the test of time with its amazing family-based recipes.


The ordering process is simple. You get your choice of proteins: two kinds of chicken, steak, and/or tofu, with white rice, salad lettuce, chilled noodles or purple rice. The purple rice is extraordinary due to the fact that, high in fiber and antioxidants and that no coloring or dye is added rather the black rice bleeds into the white making it purple. Then you have warm vegetables and salad toppings with an array of sauces to choose from, some of the sauces at BIBIBOP are exotic, but they’re all exactly what the doctor ordered, they’re just incredible. You have the option of free Miso soup with any meal, because the company, BIBIBOP is rooted in making customers happy.

Their menu includes the following: white rice, purple rice, noodles. Cold toppings Include: lettuce, corn, sesame kale, daikon, cucumber, carrot, red cabbage, Kimchi, cheese, and eggs. Hot toppings include: potatoes, bean sprouts, and beans. Proteins are: marinated chicken, spicy, chicken, steak, and organic tofu.

BIBIBOP’s sauces include:

Cucumber Wasabi – Official description: A light and cool green sauce with a punch of wasabi. Profile: light green with dark green flecks. Tastes similar to a cucumber dressing with a tart zap of wasabi flavor. Allergen and nutrition Data: vegetarian friendly, gluten-free. Contains dairy and eggs.

Korean Red – Official description: a bold and hot traditional red pepper sauce. Profile: deep red with thick texture. It has a deep earthy sweetness and is very spicy. This is a more traditional version of Gochujang than our previous recipe. Allergen and nutrition data: vegan friendly contains gluten, soy and wheat.

Sesame Ginger – Official description: an earthy and citrus ginger sauce. Profile: orange with visible ginger fibers and sesame seeds. This sauce is similar to our Asian Sesame Ginger dressing but much thicker with a richer flavor. Allergen and nutrition data: vegan friendly, gluten free. Contains soy.

Yum Yum – Official description: rich, creamy and tangy. Profile: very light orange or pink with red specks. Yum Yum has a very thick creamy quality with that is initially sweet with a little tangy tartness. Allergen and nutrition data: vegetarian friendly. Gluten free. Contains eggs and dairy.

Teriyaki – Official description: a sweet and savory traditional Teriyaki sauce. Profile: a very deep brown black color. Our teriyaki is a thinner sauce that has a very nice sweetness with a touch of garlic. Allergen and Nutrition data: vegan friendly contains gluten, soy, and wheat.



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In August 2013, BIBIBOP’s dreams became reality and they were finally ready to bring the bold flavors and healthy ingredients of South Korea to Columbus, Ohio. Inspired by the traditional Korean dish Bibimbap, which translate to “mixed rice bowl” they stated:

“We sought to blend time-honored Asian flavors with classic American favorites to create a dish everyone would love. From the time we opened the doors to our first location, our fresh food and quality service caught on in our community and quickly spread like wildfire. Since then, we’ve grown to dozens of locations across the nation while maintaining our commitment to bringing WELL B•ING to all the communities in which we set up shop. Our goals of strengthening our neighbor and enriching the lives of our team members remain as true today as the day the concept was nothing but a dream.”“What is Well B-Ing? A happy, healthy lifestyle in every aspect of your life, from the vibrant, nutritious food we serve to the feeling of contentment you’ll have when you leave us. After dining in one of our restaurants, we want you to leave feeling energized and ready to conquer the rest of your day. WELL B•ING is the foundation for all of the decisions we make at BIBIBOP; if it won’t cause you to leave with a smile, we don’t believe in it!.”

BIBOBOP’s food is super fresh, tasty and wonderful. Their concept is very exciting; BIBIBOP Asian Grill will become part of the Los Angeles food culture. This fantastic Asian inspired, health-conscious and fair-minded restaurant chain will get your taste buds all fired-up. Time to try some of their scrumptious cuisines.