#MeToo And The Prioritized Urgency Of Healing A Culture Of Misogyny

Dr Lauren Costine

Dr Lauren Costine

Dr. Lauren Costine has revealed an inseparable link between a culture of misogyny in the United States and the #MeToo phenomenon that is empowering women, in a way never witnessed in the past, to publicly face their traumatic experiences around sexual harassment, misogyny and violence by speaking out against their perpetrators. And even though this does take outstanding courage from the women involved, it is only the start of the healing.

Dr. Costine details these observations in a new op-ed piece titled Internalized: ‘Misogyny: How Every Woman is Affected by It’

The new op-ed piece discusses how women in the modern era face the difficult challenge of recognizing and understanding how the internalization of misogynistic messages has greatly affected their lives since childhood and that growing up in a world that repeatedly states they are not as valuable, safe, powerful or worthy negatively strongly impacts them.  

“The time is now, with the #Metoo movement changing the world the way it is, that we also look at the internal impact these decades of messages and traumas have done to every aspect of who we are,” says Costine.

“I believe that, through a campaign of cultural awareness and a dedication to self-healing, women can begin to recover from this lifetime of trauma that puts all women at a psychological disadvantage.”

Dr. Costine is no stranger to the subject herself: Coming of age in the 1980’s—20 years after the beginning of the 2ndwave feminist movement — Dr. Costine withstood a series of sexual assaults in her teens and early adult years that resulted with her being held at gunpoint by two men for hours before being freed.

In addition, this op-ed piece Internalized Misogyny is the first in a 5-part series as an introduction to her next book on the subject.

To learn more about this 5-part series and Dr. Costine and her work, please visit www.DrLaurenCostine.com.

Lauren D. Costine, PhD is an author, educator, feminist activist and founding member of the LGBT Specialization in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University Los Angeles. Dr. Costine is available for publications and interviews on the subject of sexual violence against women, misogyny and how the internalized misogyny affects all women’s sense of self and self-esteem.