Green Bay’s Cory Groshek Donates $3,000 Worth of His Debut Children’s Book to Seven Charities

Manifestation Machine Cory Groshek and Meg Deem

Manifestation Machine Cory Groshek and Meg Deem

Cory Groshek (also known as Low Carb Cory in the “YouTube Fitness” community and Cory Crush in musical circles, creator of Manifestation Machine, a personal growth and development brand based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, is proud to announce that its founder, has, as part of his plan to “make the world a better place, one person at a time”, has generously donated over $3,000 worth of his debut children’s book, “Breaking Away: Book One of the Rabylon Series”(ISBN: 978-1946029003), to seven completely different charitable organizations this holiday season.

When recently asked for response about his gracious donations, Groshek had the following to say:

“My goal, with the Rabylon Series, is, and always has been, to eradicate poverty all around the world, by teaching our children and their parents the mindset required to shift from a ‘poverty consciousness’ to what I call a ‘prosperity consciousness’—in other words, by teaching them to run toward what they want in life, as opposed to away from what they don’t want.

And I can’t think of a better way for me to accomplish that goal than by donating my book, which is all about achieving abundance, to children and families all across America, just in time for Christmas.”

Groshek, who, for the last year, has been manually distributing free copies of his book across his home state of Wisconsin via a network of Little Free Libraries, states that while placing books one-by-one into what he affectionately refers to as “our little, local libraries on poles” is a great way for authors to give back to their local communities, unfortunately it wasn’t going far enough for him, as a result, is why he choose to take his “giving” to the “next level” this year, by personally mailing a handful of copies of his book to what could easily be described as “book charities.”

The seven “book charities” Groshek has donated to so far include: Bernie’s Book Bank (Illinois), Better World Books (Indiana), Book Harvest/Books to Go (North Carolina), Books for Africa (Minnesota), Children’s Book Project (California), Give a Kid a Book (Green Bay, Wisconsin), and Next Door MKE (Milwaukee, Wisconsin).

To learn more about Cory Groshek, his debut children’s book, or how you, too, can make a financial or book donation to the organizations mentioned above, visit: