Petland Tips: Have A Safe And Festive Holiday Season For Your Pets

Petland | Safe Holidays For Pets

Petland | Safe Holidays For Pets

The end of the year enlightens us with a variety of festive holiday get togethers for families with rich foods, colorful decorations and wrapped gifts.

Petland kindly reminds everyone to not forget about their pets over the holidays, as well as keep them safe from holiday hazards.

A Few Helpful Seasonal Care Tips For Pets

Here are a handful of other holiday tips from Petland to make the holidays even more enjoyable for families and their pets, especially for those living in geographical locations where cold weather is an added concern.

No Rich Foods

Try not to feed your pet holiday table scraps. Your pet’s digestive system is not receptive to rich people foods. In addition, make sure to keep grapes, raisins and currants (in fruitcakes) out of your pet’s reach, as these are toxic to dogs and cats.

Keep Holiday Decorations Out Of Reach Of Paws

When not crated, your pet should be observed often over the holidays, making sure it is not endangering itself by chewing on Christmas gifts wraps, ribbons, decorations, and lights.  

Secure The Christmas Tree

Make sure your tree is secure, in a corner is best, especially if you have cats in your family! Petland suggest that you keep the area around the tree clean and free from pine needles. The needs are sharp and can puncture your pet’s intestinal tract if ingested. Petland also suggest to be careful with glass bulbs, lights, tinsel and wires – these can be harmful to your pets.

Dangerous Holiday Foliage

Keep pets from coming in contact with holiday plants – mistletoe, holly, and poinsettia. These classical holiday plants can cause illness. In addition, ingestion of these plants can be toxic to some animals. On contact with these plants, a handful of pets may develop an irritating rash.

Rap On The Car Hood

A warm automobile is a hotel for outdoor cats during the winter months. Every year thousands of cats, who take comfort in sleeping under the hood, are injured or killed when a driver returns to his car and starts the engine.

A rap on the car hood before beginning the engine will awaken a sleeping cat, giving it time to escape before you rev up and go.

Keep Antifreeze Out Of Reach Of Your Pets

The holiday season is the time of year when antifreeze is used so be sure to store it safely out of reach.

Give Water Not Ice

Pets who live outdoors during the winter must have fresh water to drink at all times. Water, can freeze in a matter of hours when temperatures go below freezing, 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pet owners who can not replenish their pet’s dish with fresh water a handful of times a day may need to use an electrically heated water dish.

Provide The Right Shelter

Cats and dogs that live outdoors must have a shelter equipped with clean, dry bedding.

The shelter should be just big enough for the pet to get in and turn around. Having a bigger cat or dog house is not beneficial, as the animal can’t use its natural body heat to warm the shelter area.

Make Sure To Dry Those Paws Up

The snow and salt that builds up on your pet’s paws from routine winter romps can result in irritation, cracking and pain. Paws need to be checked daily and routinely cleaned and dried. A balm can be helpful in keeping your pet’s paws soft. Your pet’s coat should be dried off, too, as dampness and chilling can lead to illness.

Calm Your Anxiety

If your pet gets anxious around extra people in the house, consider a stress-relieving oil warmer or drops to help calm your pooch. A Thundershirt or compression jacket may also be beneficial. Make sure your pet always has a quiet place to rest during noisy holiday activities.

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