Bamboo Named ‘App Marketing Agency of the Year’

App Agency Bamboo App Agency Of The Year 2017

App Agency Bamboo App Agency Of The Year 2017

Bamboo, the San Francisco based advertising agency with a focus on paid social, has been named “App Marketing Agency of the Year” in the 2017 App Growth Awards.

The winners were chosen by an independent panel of industry experts and introduced at App Promotion Summit in Berlin. In addition, the awards focus on facilitating and celebrating progress within the global app marketing and growth ecosystem.

“It’s our mission to help the app industry grow,” said James Cooper, Chairman, App Promotion Summit. “The App Growth Awards are the first of their kind, and we’re thrilled to have had such a great range of high-quality entries, finalists, and winners from across the global app marketing community.”

Receiving this award, in addition to being named as a “Top App Marketing Agency” by mobyaffiliates, highlights a monumental year for the mobile-first agency.

  • In 2017, Bamboo launched over 250,000 unique ads, 50% of which were video, exclusively on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Universal App campaigns.
  • Bamboo worked with a handful of top-ranking apps across verticals like Peloton, theSkimm, Shopkick, and many more.

“This year has changed the game for mobile advertisers,” remarked Daniel Pearson, CEO, Bamboo. “We’ve committed to do more than our part, not only helping our clients sustainably grow their businesses, but progressing the industry as a whole. Investing in transparent and high-quality platforms such as Facebook and Google has been a big part of that.”

Recognition for Bamboo’s business model addresses the industry’s continuing demand for transparent, high-performing growth channels. This year the Facebook and Google ‘duopoly’ controlled 57% of mobile advertising, a reflection of the yield away from low-transparency and high-fraud mobile ad networks.

About Bamboo

Bamboo is a direct-response, mobile-first advertising agency that couples mobile and paid social expertise with an “extension of the in-house team” mentality. Started in 2014, they’ve driven user acquisition initiatives for companies like Dropbox, HotelTonight, and Rover.

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