Fugitives Spirits Receives Great Respect for Grandgousier Tennessee Whiskey

Fugitives Spirits Receives Great Respect for Grandgousier Tennessee Whiskey

Fugitives Spirits Receives Great Respect for Grandgousier Tennessee Whiskey

Fugitives Spirits was proud to announce that their Grandgousier Tennessee Whiskey has gotten a 93 rating in Tasting Panel magazine.

“Highly likeable, with lovely, complex grain notes.” – Tasting Panel magazine.

Who knew that if you took local sustainably raised Tennessee heirloom corn and copper pot distill it twice, you’d get a whiskey like this?

“Well, actually, we had a pretty good notion, I have a very good network of some of the top distillers to bounce ideas off of,” said Jim Massey, who personally distills every drop of spirit that goes in the barrel. “But it’s astonishing the way it has turned out. We’re just thrilled.”

“We’re very excited. And we’re very proud,” said Darren Briggs. “Nashville is a place brimming with creativity, and has been for a long time, it’s fitting that we bring a fresh approach to the art of making Tennessee Whiskey.”

Massey adds, “We set out to create a more grain forward Tennessee Whiskey, bolder on the palate yet more refined in its execution.  And while the grain complexity shines through, the real surprise for me is the depth of sweetness attained.  It all starts with the exceptional heirloom corn from our local farmers, and then our distillation methods coax the maximum flavor from our mash.  

Our unique sugar maple charcoal we make also adds an unexpected nuance.  We take pride in genuinely hand crafting our spirits from the absolute best grain grown in Tennessee.”

When Is The Official Launch?

Fugitives Spirits is actually doing tastings in Nashville of their first barrels at The Wine Chap on December 16th from 3-5pm, then at Midtown Corkdorks on December 21st and 23rdfrom 4-7pm.

They will also be at the distillery for signings and a limited 375ml release on December 20th and 22nd from 3-6pm.

How Much Grandgousier Did You Initially Make?

Not that much, we will end up harvesting only a handful of barrels during the first year, it is indeed a very limited and rare release.  The idea of using heirloom grains to make Tennessee Whiskey has everyone excited, and to have ours sustainably raised in Tennessee Then double pot distilled…., well this hasn’t been done in Tennessee in over 100 years!

Translate “Grandgousier.”

It’s French for “big throat.” A gourmand, in other words.  It is also in deference to the poem by John Crowe Ransom, one of the Fugitives Poets, alluding to the “Good King” who enjoyed food and spirits.

Where Can We Still Get Some?  

Fugitives Spirits is distilled at Nashville Craft Distillery, 514 Hagan Street in Nashville’s Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood, near Greer Stadium and Downtown Nashville, and you may also find our whiskeys at many local Middle Tennessee package stores and restaurants, if they don’t have it yet, be sure to ask them to get you some!

About Fugitives Spirits

The Fugitives were a group of Vanderbilt writers and philosophers that included John Crowne Ransomand Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Penn Warren. What started as a group of well-educated men getting together to argue about poetry instantly became a group championing agrarian traditions and self-reliance, while warning against large-scale, depersonalized industry.

Whiskey throughout American history simply starts with good farming, a tradition Fugitives Spirits intends to continue by honoring the Tennessee farmer with a genuine Tennessee agricultural whiskey, made with the greatest craftsmanship.