Top 5 Most #Instagrammed Hotels Around The Globe



Instagram has given individuals an eye for design that they didn’t know they had. Whether it is your hotel room, your lunch or an adorable dog in the park, each moment is created to be recorded.

Hotels are pretty wise to the influence and power of Instagram to showcase a certain image of their property to the world, and users of the app are more than willing to talk about their latest luxury hotel stay, all of which is incredible news for the hotel and their brand.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

This legendary hotel is Singapore’s biggest, and also the largest attraction on Instagram. The incomparable silhouette of the hotel’s three concave towers topped with the Sands SkyPark viewing platform, where most of the photos are shot, is extremely Insta-friendly.

During the day the hotel stands out against Singapore’s incredible skyline, while at night its towers with an assortment of lights that make it look as inviting as it is captivating. In addition, the SkyPark affords views over the city below, so whether you’re inside or outside the hotel, the camera is sure to enjoy whatever perspective it discovers.

The Venetian, Las Vegas

The Venetian, Las Vegas

This five-diamond luxury hotel and casino has all the splendour and solemnity of old Vegas, which is one of the main reasons it continues to be a favourite with visitors to America’s playground.

It is one of the few remaining themed hotels which currently still exist in Las Vegas, and it is an homage to the Italian city, complete with canals, gondolas and a pint-sized version of St. Mark’s Square.

MGM Grand, Las Vegas

MGM Grand Las Vegas

The MGM Grand is idolized by Instagrammers for its variety of frames that can include the film studios legendary lion out the front of the hotel, the huge MGM signs or the unique crucifix shape of the hotel itself.

Its world renowned casino is also the subject of a handful of Instagram posts, as well as the green bands around its perimeter that are lit up at night.

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Atlantis The Palm in Dubai

This hotel in Dubai has a variety of camera-worthy features. From its almost breathtaking exterior to its waterpark and slides set into the sides of Mayan temples, in addition, Atlantis The Palm also benefits from a large stretch of pristine beach beyond which crystal clear waters stretch into a photographer’s creative imagination.

Fontainebleau, Miami

Fontainebleau, Miami

This historic hotel on Miami Beach is another top choice with Instagrammers, who want to get some pictures of the famous hotel that was featured in The Bodyguard and Goldfinger, among other hit Hollywood movies.

The hotel is typical Miami, boasting palm trees and envy-inducing swimming pools that will make all your friends at home more than jealous they aren’t there with you.