Top 10 Hospitality Cities in Europe Right Now

Hilton Hospitality Europe

Hilton Hospitality Europe

Europe is one of the most time-tested tourism markets on the globe. While it’s not at the forefront of the hospitality industry as of this moment, nonetheless, the continents fortunes are always steady and unlikely to go away or show a major fluctuation in any noteworthy way.

Of all the continents in the world, Europe is one that hotel owners and operators can often depend on, even if the competition there is a bit aggressive than it is in some of the globes newer, emerging markets.

Simply put, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the top 10 hospitality markets for hotel growth in Europe right now. .

London – 72 projects and 14,116 rooms

Not nearly as radiant and hot as the Dubai market in the middle east, London is currently undergoing one of the biggest and most sustained pipelined booms of any hospitality market on the world. In addition, tourism is doing so well in London, that space to develop hotels is at a premium and some innovative concepts (like building downward beneath the ground) are beginning to take hold.

It will be quite intriguing to see what kind of other creative solutions or concepts will take hold as the United Kingdom’s largest city continues adding hotels to its hospitality offerings.

Paris – 27 projects and 4,980 rooms

Aside from New York City in the United States, no city on the planet has the sort of tourism that one easily discovers in Paris, a romantic city suffused with landmarks, art and amazing vistas. This is why it comes as no surprise that Paris would be second on the list of most active pipelines in all of Europe.

Moscow – 26 projects and 7,264 rooms

With nearly 7,264 rooms, Moscow has considerably more rooms in its pipeline than the previous entry on the list, which is Paris 4,980 rooms. Nonetheless, Paris, however, has managed to edge Moscow by a single project.

Munich – 26 projects and 5,188 rooms

Munich is one of four German cities on this list, which as a result, makes Germany likely the most active overall country, even if its hospitality growth is spread out a bit among its handful of increasingly popular cities.

Hamburg – 20 projects and 4,966 rooms

Hamburg is the next German entry on the list, falling underneath Munich.

Outside of the top five cities, we have the following:

Dublin – 18 projects and 3,184 rooms

Berlin – 17 projects and 4,567 rooms

Frankfurt am Main – 17 projects and 3,988 rooms

Istanbul – 15 projects and 2,621 rooms

Manchester – 14 projects and 1,975 rooms

Projects Under Construction

Among others, the following projects are currently under construction in Europe:

Great Scotland Yard Hotel

Conversion of the historic police HQ Great Scotland Yard into a five-star luxury hotel

Sackville House Hotel

Current redevelopment of a 1970’s 4-storey office block in Dublin City Centre

NHOW Amsterdam RAI