5 Essential Insights Obtained from $627M In Investor Intro’s to 1053 films

lated Key Financing Insights

lated Key Financing Insights

The Slated data science team has published key financing insights of all films listed on Slated since being introduced at Sundance 2012. That being said, overall, 9,066 independent feature films have been listed on the platform, where 1053 have gotten $627M in investor intro’s.

Essential Financing Insights on the 1053 Films Include:

  1. An average of about 17% of films reported completed funding. Films scoring 70+, and qualifying for Slated’s Executive Producer Services, were 2.5x were more likely to report funding obtained, at 42%.
  2. Films had an estimated budget of $3.8M. In addition, films qualifying for EP Services averaged $7.0M, with one of the highest budget films being funded at $19.2M (ANON, starring Clive Owen & Amanda Seyfried, written & directed by Andrew Niccol – acquired by Netflix)
  3. Films scoring 70+ received 12x more investor introductions, $7.9M on average vs $646k for all others. Qualifying EP Services films got 23x more introductions, averaging $14.9M. The biggest investor intro volume to a single film was $33M.
  4. Additionally, qualifying EP Services films completed funding 62% faster, 5.6 months on average vs 14.7 months for all other films.
  5. Top 3 genres by investor introduction volume: $335M to dramas, $177M to thrillers, $139M to comedies.

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Over 1000 listed films have gotten over $620M in investor introductions, and 68% of films selected for 2016’s Sundance Film Festival, and 54% of 2016’s Academy Award nominated films were made by Slated members in above-the-line roles.

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