Dr. Joel M. Fisher: A Visit to Wally August’s Fanciful Foods

LA Wine Fest Founder Dr. Joel M. Fisher with Fanciful Food's Wally August

Wally August has brought his Fanciful Foods to the LA Wine Fest since 2009 when we returned to Hollywood.  Even when he and his wife Terry have been out of the country, the booth is there and always mobbed.  On Friday November 10 2017, Fanciful hosted their annual holiday party sampling wine, cheese, charcuterie, and more! Also celebrating 30 years in business.

LA Wine Fest Founder Dr. Joel M. Fisher with Fanciful Food’s Wally August


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I was parked in a corner with some product brought by Clayton Fox, a young representative of Henry Wines.  I tasted and wrote, then curiously ventured up to Clayton’s table to see what was going on.  

First up was Frogs Leap 2015 Zinfandel.  Garnet color, very smooth, medium body, long finish.

Then, Rosso Toscano 2014, Great garnet color, very smooth, complex, fruit forward, long finish.

Frog’s Leap Zinfandel

While taking a break, Publisher of magazine Daily Ovation Joe Wehinger went to a nearby table and brought me a few more wines to taste that evening.  

OTU Wines, Marlborough, Sauvignon Blanc, 2016, bold.  Expanding, appealing nose, medium body, fruit forward, dipped, but opened to a good finish.  A strong wine,

2011 Brennan Pinot Noir A brisk  wine, medium body, balanced.  Nose not strong, not a long finish…Still worth tasking after a longer decanting.


After Wally greeted everyone at the party, spoke about holiday gift baskets, and plans for 2018 the night begin to wrap up.   But before the end, I wanted to taste two more that were receiving buzz.

Domaine D’ Aupilac 2014, good color, fruit forward, smooth flavor, good with salami, medium body, finish not yet settled.

Arbios Cellar Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, Fruit forward, Medium body, complex wine, bit tannic.  Opens with fruity berries and some mint on the nose.  Winemaker describes as full-bodied.  When tasted I thought it more medium in scope, slightly acidic.  On the palate, a range of fruits, a bit of licorice, some noted plum, in mineral, black cherry, which I always appreciate.

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While at the event, I was parked next to a Diana Malouf serving chocolates from Ococoa.  They were really good.  She pairs some of her selection with bourbon and scotch.  I want to find her in January and pair some wines with her brand.  Stay tuned!

Everyone I saw during the evening was smiling, happy, pleased faces.  Bravo Wally and Tina!