John Truby: The Second Civil War Has Begun

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Written by Guest Columnist: John Truby

War was declared in the early morning hours on December 2, 2017 when Senate Republicans passed a tax bill that sticks average Americans with the biggest tax increase in history, while giving massive tax cuts to the richest corporations and individuals in the country.





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This just hours after a once high-ranking member of the Republican administration was indicted for collusion with America’s greatest enemy of the past 100 years. Along with gerrymandering and voter suppression, it is now clear some Republicans will even commit treason to get elected.

The Republican mantras of “lower taxes” and “cut the deficit” are exposed for the ideological lie they have always been. What they really meant was lower taxes for our team and raise the deficit and taxes on everyone else to pay for it.


The gloves are off. The last façade has been tossed away. The Southern and Midwestern states have declared war on the Northeastern and Western states. This bill is designed to steal money from Democratic states to give to Republican states. Make no mistake: it is also designed to drain money from donors to the Democratic Party.


No one should be surprised by this turn of events. This is just the latest replay of the script written into the original Constitution of the United States. There the smaller and/or more conservative  – read slave – states received disproportionate power, with such permanent structural gifts as the Electoral College, two senators for every state, regardless of population, and counting black slaves, who could not vote, as 3/5 a human being so Southern states could have more power.


These are the same structural concessions that made the first Civil War inevitable. But now the two parties have switched sides. The Southern states were almost totally Democratic until 1964, when the Civil Rights Act was passed. Since then, the South has become almost totally Republican, with efforts to disenfranchise African-Americans in most of the Southern states.

In the last seventeen years, the Electoral College has swung the election to the less popular candidate in two out of four elections. Both times this ultimate anti-democratic anachronism favored the conservative candidate.


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A-List Story Expert John Truby

The process of moral and intellectual corruption of the once-proud party of Lincoln picked up speed with the election of Donald Trump, a racist sexual predator and conman fully supported by 80-90% of the Republican Party, including, incredibly, the vast majority of Republican women. 

There was some hope that this race to the bottom had been slowed by a handful of Republican senators – McCain, Collins, Murkowski – who heroically stood up to their party’s crass attempt to deprive millions of people their health care. Also by the Republicans’ lone voice in the wilderness, Jeff Flake, who questioned his colleagues’ willingness to abandon all of their principles to a President with no principles but his own aggrandizement simply because he is the head of their team.

But now all four of those senators have shown their true colors. With this bill they have joined their colleagues in their real job as bagmen (and women) for their big corporate bosses. The success of false ideology and ugly tribalism in American life is complete.

So with the declaration of the next Civil War, the Republican Party has completed the sale of its soul to the Devil. Anyone who holds dear the highest values of America must take up the fight against them.

The Republican Party now stands for three things: greed, corruption, and cowardice.