Get To Know the High Peaks of Ecuador with Southern Explorations

southern exploration | explore ecuador | ecuador adventure

southern exploration | explore ecuador | ecuador adventure

West Hollywood, Dec. 5th, 2017 — Southern Explorations, an adventure tour company which offers trips all over South America, has introduced a handful of new adventures into the natural wonders of Ecuador.

As the area becomes more notable, Southern Explorations is adding to its services by offering more to travelers who want to get to know the area more thoroughly.  

These new hiking trips in Ecuador include the following:

Day Hike to Middle of the World & Pululahua Crater

Pululahua Crater | Ecuador

Hikers will savor in this trip that includes the Middle of the World and the Pululahua Crater. This hike begins at Latitude Zero on the equator. Visitors can then browse monuments, a museum, and experience the gravitational pull that makes it possible to stand an egg on the head of a nail.

Next, hikers will explore the Pululahua Crater, the largest crater in the world, surrounded by a botanical reserve. The actual crater’s size and fertile soil have made it a distinct home for both humans and animals.


Iconic Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi Volcano | Quito, Ecuador | Souther Explorations

Travelers can explore the Cotopaxi region on this three-day tour. This tour includes a horseback ride with views of the volcanoes scattered throughout the region known as Volcano Alley and a visit to the Andean moorlands of Cotopaxi National Park.

In addition, travelers will also get to enjoy stays at two remote haciendas in the area, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rural beauty of the area without spending a lot of time traveling from place to place.


Andean Crater

Cuicocha Crater Lake | Ecuador

This four-day Cotopaxi tour packs in a handful of unforgettable experiences, including an assortment of hikes along the Andean Crater. Additionally, hikers will get to spend time at Cuicocha Crater Lake, a sacred destination for ancient Incans, and visit the inhabitants of the Pululahua Crater. Furthermore, the trip also includes a short journey to the eminent Otavalo Market and a stay at the hot springs resort.


Southern Explorations is also designing multi-day camping/hiking tours through the Cotopaxi region and they offer custom-built tours in the area to fit travelers’ specific time periods, activity wish lists, and budget.

These hikes in Ecuador can be added to the start or end of other Southern Explorations trips. A good amount of travelers opt to add these alternative options onto the end of one of their popular Galapagos explorations.


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