ALPACA DEL PERU; A Pop-up Shop That Will Cozy Up Christmas Time

ALPACA DEL PERU; A Pop-up Shop That Will Cozy Up Christmas Time

ALPACA DEL PERU; A Pop-up Shop That Will Cozy Up Christmas Time

The holidays have arrived and everyone is preparing for the cold winter season and warm, cozy moments with family and friends. Luxury and beauty will be on the minds of many through the entire month of December by all those searching for the ideal present or the best memories.

From December 7th to December 17th, the ALPACA DEL PERU pop-up shop will be the main source!


The PeHModa project, was recently introduced through a collaboration between FTL MODA and the Office of the Trade Commissioner of Peru in New York.

It has been set up as a first retail activation with a strong focus on brands of excellence: KUNA, SOL ALPACA, LAMINI, LIMA SAGRADA, ANNTARAH, along with JORGE SALINAS, CLAUDIA BERTOLERO, MECHE CORREA, SUMY KUJON, all which will be showcased for New Yorkers to buy at what will probably be the most advantageous price of the next two years.


The activation mainly serves as the debut of the new marketing strategy for the promotion of ALPACA DEL PERU in the US, with a strong commitment from the Peruvian government to help raise awareness about the excellence of Made in Peru textiles and styles.

Everything from:

  • Ready to Wear
  • To Outwear
  • Shoes
  • Handbags
  • And Accessories

…Peruvian vision and incredible craftsmanship have been integrated as key elements in the PeHModa project, that will progressively meet the love and passion of Americans, thanks to the excellence of materials and lines, and the re-discovery of comfort while wearing luxury items.

The ALPACA DEL PERU pop-up shop will be ready to offer a wide variety of styles and prices to meet the wishes, joy and excitement of New Yorkers preparing for the Holidays.


A satellite event to celebrate Peruvian flavors will take place at the Lightspace Studio in Bushwick on December 9th, with a carrousel of quinoa bowls and Pisco sour cocktails.