LA WineFest’s Dr. Joel M. Fisher: Wine Corks, Trader Joe’s, Herzog, Alamos, more!


Good afternoon! I sit with Daily Ovation Publisher Joe Wehinger this afternoon speaking about corked wine bottles versus screw top bottles with red wine sitting in front of us.  Many of you are aware that this was a hot topic in the wine industry several a few years ago and still is discussed today.  Many wine winemakers, especially in Europe, can see the utility for screw caps in white wine.


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The irony is I do remember also how people quoted business experts for saying that companies utilizing cork had the same statistics for destruction and spoilage. If they were the Ford MotorCar Company, they would’ve cut their loss.

LA Wine Fest Founder Dr. Joel M. Fisher

Most of my wine is traditionally obtained at wineries, wine bars, or stores like BevMo and Trader Joe’s.  On a visit to Trader Joe’s last week to purchase some cheeses to take to a dinner, I visited the wine selection in the store.  It’s always fun to see what they carry.


Our first stop was Herzog Wines and we picked up Baron Herzog 2015 Cabernet.  I loved the garnet, ruby color.  This was a wine with such fruit — cherry, berry, plum.  The wine was flinty, had a great mouth feel, almost chewy.   Had a short finish, but pleasant.

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The Alamos Malbec 2016 from Mendoza, Argentina threw a dark, ruby color; was somewhat dusty on the nose.  Some fruit; dryish on the palette.  Closer to medium finish, it grew longer as we sipped.  I would like this with steak.


Next was 2015 Garnacha Syrah from Spain.  Dark garnet color, looks like a rich example.  Wine was fruit forward with some eucalyptus on the nose.  Increasingly complex with fruit on the palate. Berries with bubblegum presence.  The wine really opened up the longer it sat on the table and presented a good finish.


I enjoyed my visit to Trader Joe’s which always seems busy, even at 1pm on a weekday.  Their selection features International such as French, German, Spain, California regions, North America, sparkling wines and beer.