For Comedienne Jennifer Gable, Funny is a Healing Business

Comic Jennifer Gable

Jennifer Gable is a quirky, dynamic, touring comedienne from Washington D.C. who performs in clubs across the country.  Her TV credits include Comedy Central’s Drunk HistoryFunny Or DieMurder Book on Discovery ID, Kevin Hart‘s Netflix film w/ other Comics Bill Burr, Nick Swardson, Ari Shaffir, Bobby Lee, etc.  

Comic Jennifer Gable

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Comic Jennifer Gable gives you an innocent look; and a few minutes later you may end up wondering if it was by accident.  Clever, sharp, funny, sexy are all words that describe her well. Innocent, probably not so much. Although the word she might like more is: writer. She is quick to distinguish herself, “I call myself a writer first and foremost. […] If people are depressed or feeling bummed out, I cure them with jokes and laughter. […]I save lives all over the country, mostly in LA and NYC almost every night.” 

Gable seems incredibly comfortable with herself, but is the first to tell you that her road has been long and winding.  “Honestly growing up in school I never had a specific career that I wanted to be.  And I studied everything.  I wanted to be a lot of things and have changed my mind often. […] “I’ve always just been an independent, odd ball, goof ball, free spirit.  And [I fell in love with] the addicting drug rush you get after you perform.”


She’s More Than Just a Big Smile

The comedienne is a multi-hyphenate talent who travels the country frequently but calls Los Angeles home. “I have become a paid comedienne, booked a few co-stars on TV, directed an A-List Actor, made an award winning short film and written a few scripts.

Tell Us about Your Los Angeles

“I love the beach and the weather in LA like everyone else.   And I love how crazy and artistic everyone is here.  And how almost anything goes.”  Talking about the heart and humanity of the city, “I will just give homeless people I see food, especially if they ask […] I think our society is learning slowly it’s all about empathy, not selfishness.”  How does she handle daily life and stress?  “Save money and surround yourself with people that support your goals. And who are positive, healthy influences.”

Jennifer Gable on stage

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What’s Next for Jennifer Gable?

“I’m doing a cool Podcast with some other talented Comedians/Producers. And I’m going on the road to Seattle to perform Stand-up.”  Bigger picture-speaking: “I have a huge bucket list.  And have done a lot on it already.  I wrote down that I wanted my own TV Show and to win an Oscar though too. And something else more personal I’ll tell you later. “

Find Jennifer Gable on social media:

Facebook: @JenniferGable187 

Twitter: @JenniferAGable 

Instagram: @Jennifer_Gable 

YouTube: @JenniferGable