Musack’s 7th Annual Rock N’ Roll Carnival Parties On To Support Kids!

The English beat headline Musack's Rock N Roll Carnival

MUSACK Organization’s seventh annual Rock n’ Roll Carnival took place on Saturday October 7, in front of a sold-out crowd in Los Angeles’ Hancock Park.

The English beat headline Musack's Rock N Roll Carnival
The English beat headline Musack’s Rock N Roll Carnival  Photo: Susan Dynner


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This amazing charity provides musical instruments, scholarships and support to underprivileged students. The fundraiser took place from 11:30am -10:30pm in the private backyard of Hollywood executive, Donick Cary, and guests were treated to incredible live bands (did I mention it’s in a backyard?!), comedy and much more. Kids were treated to music showcases, DJ Lance Rock, as well as interactive activities including guitar lessons, face painting and various art projects.

Musack Founder Donick auctioning off memorabilia
Musack Founder Donick Cary auctions off memorabilia

There were so many great performances throughout the day, such as the Ziggy Stardust, Sgt. Pepper and Star Wars tributes by the Musack Carnival All Star House Band (which featured many famous faces), a stand-up set by Patton Oswalt, a DJ set by artist Shepard Fairey and so many more. But for me, the highlights were seeing Tim Armstrong (from Rancid) playing in a tree (yes, a real tree), Billy Bragg – who reimagined the Bob Dylan anthem to “The Times They Are A-Changing Back” to reflect what’s going on in today’s political climate, and Billy singing a duet with Wayne Kramer (from the MC5). The English Beat rounded out the night and had everyone dancing with their hit song, “Mirror in the Bathroom”, and the General Public hit, “Tenderness”.

Tim Armstrong gives his annual "Tim in a Tree" performance
Tim Armstrong gives his annual “Tim in a Tree” performance Photo: Susan Dynner


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Billy Bragg brings charm to the night
Billy Bragg brings charm to the night     Photo: Susan Dynner

In addition to all the entertainment, guests were able to bid on a myriad of priceless memorabilia, including guitars hand-painted by artist Nan Coffey and signed by the bands, Star Wars items, backstage passes to meet and greet with bands, signed books, posters and many other one-of-a-kind pieces. You can still donate to this great cause by visiting And be sure to get on their mailing list so you don’t miss out on this event next year!