The English Beat at 2017 Rock n’ Roll Carnival Oct 7 2017


Music charity Musack is ‘so stoked’ to announce that The English Beat will be joining the 2017 Rock n’ Roll Carnival! This is a big deal for Musack because they have been English Beat fans for a long time. 


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It’s hard for Musack founder Cary to express how much the English Beat meant to him in his formative years. “I was fourteen or so when I first pushed an English Beat cassette into my boombox. Out poured the answer! Politics and passion that you could dance to!”

For the rest of high school, “I just Can’t Stop it,” “Wha’ppen,” “Special Beat Service,” and the compilation, “What is Beat?” got daily play… wearing out the cassettes over and over.


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This was the soundtrack for growing up in the ’80s, somewhere between a John Hughes and John Waters movie. The soundtrack for at least his first three major crushes. Their cover of “Tears of a Clown” got him through the fact that none of those three crushes actually worked out. To quote Damone…. “How about the tunes?”: “Mirror in the Bathroom”, “Twist and Crawl”, “Door of Your Heart”, “I Confess”, “Jeanette”, “Save it for Later”, “Ackee 1,2,3”… Come on! And then the graphics… pink and black GO FEET! They hold a special place in his heart. AND have been a constant on his music playing device of the moment for the last 30 years. Cary wore out the cassettes and then replaced them with CDs. Then transferred those to MP3s and 4s…. then went back and replaced those with vinyl again. Musack is thrilled to welcome Mr. Dave Wakeling and the gang to Musack’s 7th Annual Rock n’ Roll Carnival. This is going to be a big big fun fun time.