Guest Column: ‘Wonder Woman’ exhibit opens at Warner Bros. Studio Tour


Guest columnist: Vivian Eisenstadt

As a super fan of Wonder Woman since the 70’s and an avid collector of Wonder Woman memorabilia, you can imagine how grateful I was to receive an invitation to the press coverage of the new Warner Brothers Wonder Woman exhibit being added to their studio tour July 31. I looked at my wonder wardrobe and chose a Wonder Woman dress from my many outfits I could have worn for the occasion.

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As we arrived, I had to explain more than once that the Wonder Woman logo on my car was there way before this event. I was one of 3 or 4 press that was also wearing something WW, my dress being the most “bold” shall we say. I stationed myself in a key press area in front of the actors and stunt doubles. There was a brief interview with Eugene Brave Rock “Chief”, Lucy Davis “Etta Candy”, stunt double Caitlin Dechelle, actress Samantha Jo, and stunt double Michaela Facchinello who later re-enacted a scene from “Wonder Woman”. During the interview Samantha Jo expressed how tiaras were not just for royalty but represented comraderie as all the women on Themyscira donned one and she wished she had a tiara, so I immediately reached into my Wonder Woman Knapsack and pulled out a spare one I had with me and gave it to her. See – dreams do come true, and yes – I carried spare tiaras with me.

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The exhibit was done extremely tastefully, including the sword in its swirly base that you can take a photo with. The background of some of the costumes really gave me a sense of how it felt to be in the scene, while others showed where the costume was used with a brightly lit photo of the actor wearing it behind the costume. I definitely gave it 2 bracelets up. As in usual Warner Brothers detailed style, we left happily with a signature Wonder Woman emblem sugar cookie.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour

What: A three-hour trip through Warner Bros.’  sound stages for TV shows and movies such as “The Big Bang Theory” and “La La Land,” Also lots of fun stuff from the DC Universe, such as a collection of Batmobile cars from past productions, and DC Universe — The Exhibit, which is where the “Wonder Woman” exhibit is displayed.

When: 9 am –  4 pm daily

Where: 3400 W. Riverside Drive, Burbank

How much: $55 for kids and $65 for adults for the standard tour, $67.95 for kids and $77.95 for adults for the deluxe tour.


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