This Father’s Day Let Your Dad Wear Some Fun on His Chest from Hashtag Bay


A new collection of amazing T-shirts was released to celebrate fatherhood and its influence in our society. HashtagBay, an online platform that transforms hashtag ideas into cool, fresh and up-to-date designs, payed tribute to the honorable image of fathers by releasing an amazingly funny Father’s Day T-shirt collection which also includes the Best Dad in the Galaxy T-shirt



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Families and communities celebrate fatherhood in different ways – the firsts choose to have a holiday far from eclectic needs and desires. Thus, fathers are surprised with more of a calm and charming vacation day, filled with children’s smile and homemade wonders in terms of gifts and foods. Fathers are treated with special goodies from everyone around the house. Meanwhile, the communities dig into formalities, by organizing parades, giving special discounts on Father’s weekend and try to reach for a tear of happiness from dads that always like to feel needed by their society.

A great occasion for a creative team!

Like all great celebrations, Father’s day is the occasion when some creative business teams try to combine inventivity with trending ideas and come out with products that will be both useful and likeable by their customers. HashtagBay likes to sprinkle some fun into T-shirts, that are versatile pieces of clothes, can serve as a great gift for yourself and other that you care about. If you access the platform, you’ll find T-shirts for every taste and occasion based upon the trending hashtags that internet users search for everyday.


Is he a sports dad or a fixer dad?

All dads are great at multitasking. Mothers and kids see that every day after years of living under one roof. But there’s always that one quality that describes your father the most precise – he either loves sports, is a big fan of a certain show or fixes every little thing around the house.

Or, if there’s the case, he’s going to be described by another word that he dreams of hearing after when his children are grown-ups – grandfather.

HashtagBay has a wide range of T-shirts that describes every situation mentioned above – you can choose a T-shirt for you wicked sports supporter dad. There’s this Star Wars piece, that will enlighten the day of every hardcore fan of this epic. And if someone wants to make a creative announcement for such a bright event in every family’s life, knowing that one’s dad will be the happiest, there’s a funny and full of excitement piece for this.




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As we mentioned before, every celebration is a great opportunity for teams to let their creative juices flow. Visit the HashtagBay T-Shirt shop to see other interesting items for every occasion you need. HashtagBay works only with eco-friendly fabrics and inks and all the products are at very attractive prices and you can shop unique and funny T-shirts online, adapted to every customers’ taste.