TravelCreed: The New Guiding Force to Benefit the Travel Industry


Five unique travel technology and service brands combine to form a revolutionary force “TravelCreed.” TravelCreed is formed to represent five unique services for travel businesses. This unity offers member companies an opportunity to upsell, cross-sell and, more importantly, better serve a widespread and dynamic clientele.



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“TravelCreed is a name that represents our belief in the importance of travel,” Ilyas Zameer said. “Travel and tourism make the world a better place, and we aim to make travel and tourism better with straight forward, honest business practices backed by powerful technology and resourceful tactics.”

TravelCreed is in discussion with aspirational travel businesses in countries around the world to join the guiding force that is our company. Success comes in many shapes and forms,” Zameer said.

Ilyas Zameer is the Group CEO and founder of TravelCreed and TravelCreed subsidiaries. Zameer is a passionate entrepreneur with 16 years of experience in travel technology, which began with his first company TechTuners.



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TravelCreed also announces the opening of offices in East AfricaSouth Africa and Mauritius and a restructuring of existing offices in the United StatesIndia and UAE.

TravelCreed is home to a selection of brands, platforms and marketplaces, which address the dynamic aspects of the travel industry and the unique businesses that make travel so enjoyable. These brands come together to compliment one another’s strengths and provide support to companies and the industry as a whole:

TechTuners: An extension of your IT department with complete technical support and services providing on-site placement, offshore project development and technical consulting for the travel industry.
REZY: A collection of platforms with complete end-to-end enterprise automation for loyalty redemptions programs, travel management companies and travel businesses.
Brand2Fly: Delivering powerful branding and marketing for businesses in the travel industry with the latest technologies and emerging trends.
TravelsBond: B2B aggregator of the most sought after travel content on the market with access to flights, hotels, activities, transfers, car rentals, cruises and more. B2C lifestyle portal for activities, transfers, airport lounges and more to make moments special.
iZED: Propelling the possibilities of the travel industry through investments, startup incubators and partnerships with industry disruptors, travel geniuses and entrepreneurial spirits.