Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, Dec. 3


The highly anticipated Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino, the first in Las Vegas to offer an authentic Asian gaming, dining and lifestyle experience, is now open to the public. The property commemorated the milestone with a Grand Opening Celebration Saturday, Dec. 3.



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The celebration began as the booming sound of taiko drummers called Lucky Dragon guests out to the porte-cochere where the festivities took place. After a half-hour demonstration, the executive team from Lucky Dragon joined the celebration for the traditional dragon and lion eye-opening ceremony and dragon and lion dances. President and Chief Executive Officer Andrew Fonfa, Managing Principal James Weidner, Chief Operating Officer Dave Jacoby, General Manager Matt Harkness, Vice President of Marketing Jordan Seager and Executive Chef Phuoc Luu were all present to make traditional red envelope offerings to the Lions, symbolizing good fortune to come. After an official ribbon cutting, an explosive Chinese firecracker display followed and wowed the packed crowd of onlookers.


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Heads of lettuce, suspended by red string over the entrance to Lucky Dragon’s casino, were consumed by the dancing lions before entering the property. A variation on the phonetic pronunciation of the word for “lettuce” in Chinese translates to “to get rich.” The tradition of lions eating the lettuce is said to bring wealth and prosperity to the property. The dragon and lions proceeded into the casino and continued their celebration for several hours, as guests were treated to complimentary Tsing Tao beer and traditional GongFu service of Qinba Wuhao tea – one of more than 50 teas that will be offered at Lucky Dragon.

At 10:30 p.m., guests and executives alike raised their glasses in a champagne and cognac toast, officially signaling the opening of Las Vegas’ first new hotel and casino property in 6 years.



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“This project was such a tremendous undertaking and, from the very beginning, we wanted to be sure that every aspect of the hotel and casino was not only culturally accurate and respectful, but approachable and accessible to all,” said Dave Jacoby, chief operating officer of Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino. “Seeing it all come together, knowing that everyone involved absolutely nailed each and every detail, has been exciting. Now we look forward to operating, and growing, Las Vegas’ premier cultural epicenter.”

Lucky Dragon is situated on the Las Vegas Strip’s burgeoning northern corridor, just west of Las Vegas Boulevard at 300 W. Sahara Avenue. The first ground-up construction of a hotel and casino property in Las Vegas since 2010, Lucky Dragon will feature a unique and authentic Asian experience unlike any other in The United States.


The authenticity of the property goes far beyond the style of cuisine and multilingual staff. From taxi stands to restaurants, signage will be in Chinese first and English second. VIP areas are elevated, signifying a heightened status for those who enter. Teas normally reserved for dignitaries on official Chinese state visits will be available at Lucky Dragon for the first time in the United States. Careful consideration was put into the design, from conceptualization through to its actualization.

“Our design team, executives and partners aggregated a multitude of influences from around the world to create a truly world class resort,” said Lucky Dragon President and Chief Executive Officer Andrew Fonfa. “From our exclusive list of 50 Chinese teas, to our authentic Cantonese and pan-Asian culinary portfolio, there is inarguably nothing else like this in Las Vegas.”