Nicholas Kirkwood: British Designer Who Blends Genres with Newest Luxury Footwear


It is said diamonds are a girl’s best friend… but the right pair of beautiful shoes are also a sweet treat. High heels spark joy and excitement while completing an outfit. Some might mix and match their shoes with their wardrobe while others will base their entire outfit around the pair of heels they would like to display as a statement piece to observers.



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Stiletto heels date back to the early 1900s. They are long, thin high heels with the name deriving from the stiletto dagger for its length and needle-like point. Gaining extreme popularity in the 1950s, the mass production of stilettos eventually dwindled down in the 1980s and nearly disappeared in the 1990s. Alas, they made a comeback in the early 2000s and are often times considered to be a seductive fashion item.

With impeccable taste and a fine eye, British shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood launched his ravishing brand in 2005. Designing luxury footwear for sophisticated women with a strong vision and style along with an appreciation and understanding of luxury, Kirkwood gained profound success for his fierce designs. Some of his designs have a more sharp, clean-cut look while other looks are whimsical and enchanting. All of his designs are innovative nonetheless with line work that is simply perfect while blending modern looks with contemporary looks. One of the most unforgettable looks produced by Kirkwood are the Alice In Wonderland heels that completely capture the essence of the beloved tale.

                                              Nicholas Kirkwood


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Kirkwood studied at two design schools: Central Saint Martins and Cordwainers College. He has opened shops globally with a flagship store located in England. His creativity and attention to detail have earned him numerous awards over the years including the Condé Nast Footwear News Vivan Infantino award, Footwear News Designer of the Year (2 x), and the British Fashion Award for Best Accessory Designer of the Year (3 x) to name a few of the many times his work has been recognized. Kirkwood has also collaborated with quite a few designers and brands over the years including Rodarte, Erdem, Suno, Fendi, Peter Pilotto, Roksanda, and Keith Haring. He has also had partnerships with Victoria’s Secret, Disney, Samsung, Keith Haring Foundation, and London Fashion Week. In 2013, Kirkwood announced a partnership with LVMH.

A special Pac-Man inspired collection was released in 2015 to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of Kirkwood’s brand. With many wonderful and special collections over the years, it is exciting to see what marvelous designs are yet to come from this brilliant designer. Sculptural shapes with innovation and a touch of imagination characterize Nicholas Kirkwood’s aesthetic resulting in shoes that are not only a wonderful addition to one’s collection but are also a fine work of art.