Thanksgiving, Black Friday Ecommerce Sales Up reports HookLogic


Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2016 saw more shoppers than ever before make purchases on major retail sites according to insights from HookLogic — the pioneer of performance marketing for brands. Shoppers on Thanksgiving were up 16.1% and purchasers2 were up 9.8% Year Over Year (YOY). Black Friday shoppers and purchasers were up 18.5% and 15.2% respectively, compared to Black Friday in 2015.



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Further insights from HookLogic, who sees more than 91 billion searches a year on many of the world’s largest retail sites, include:

  • On Thanksgiving, ecommerce shoppers peaked at 7PM – 10PM EST, as consumers finished their dinners and got back to researching purchases.
  • Purchasers on Thanksgiving peaked from 9PM – 11PM EST.
  • The Thanksgiving peak shopping hour on mobile was 9PM EST as shoppers were likely away from their computers and spending time with family earlier in the day.
  • Average Black Friday cart size was 3.1 products per cart, with an average cart value of $150.
  • Black Friday mobile phone cart size was equal to that on desktop: 3.1; average cart value was $125, compared to $152 on desktop.

“We’re excited for our brand and retail partners this holiday season as they again see significant online and mobile sales lifts,” said HookLogic Co-founder and CEO Jonathan Opdyke. “This year, we believe the fact that several major retailers closed on Thanksgiving, had a positive impact on ecommerce sales. It also shifted some sales to Black Friday. With the number of ecommerce shoppers increasing by 18.5% and continuing gains expected, retailers appear to be kicking off the largest ecommerce season in history.”


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With more shoppers making purchases via mobile phones, marketers need to enable seamless online shopping. HookLogic Sponsored Products are a way to guide shopper choice and increase product sales for brands on the mobile and desktop sites, as well as apps of the world’s largest retailers.