Poliakov the Extreme Vodka Unveils Its Futuristic New Digital Experience


POLIAKOV, the Vodka of Extreme, unveils this month its new amazing digital experience: POLIAKOV Ice Quest.

POLIAKOV Vodka developed a unique experience in virtual reality (VR) using a brand-new technology, the HTC Vive headset, the best VR device currently on the market. This technology using headphones, headset and joysticks stimulates all our senses. POLIAKOV Vodka recreated its unique freezing and futuristic universe through an immersive VR videogame.



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“We wanted to ensure maximum interactions for the player,” said William PLOQUIN-MAURELL, international POLIAKOV brand manager.

The POLIAKOV Ice Quest is a very modern, immersive and unique experience.

A few lucky POLIAKOV fans got the opportunity to experience the POLIAKOV Ice Quest with the complete HTC Vive headset. Wandering freely in a 25 sqm area, players mastered the quest throughout the different levels and interacted with the POLIAKOV universe.

Early November, this 3D freezing universe has been made available to all with the release online of a video in 360°. This teaser video is to be watched on a POLIAKOV cardboard to get the most out of the 3D effect. Press kits containing the cardboard were sent out to main press contacts, influencers and bloggers.



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Throughout November, all POLIAKOV fans will have the opportunity to discover the Ice Quest through a saga of 3 videos mixing the players who have been filmed and the POLIAKOV virtual universe. This saga will be widely promoted on YouTube and Facebook for all to follow the adventures of the players, discovering the inspiring and frozen POLIAKOV universe.

Prepare for a complete digital immersion in the POLIAKOV world!