Countess Diaries: Silver Screening in Style

As an Angeleno, it takes something very special to get me out of my comfort zone: an area nestled between Santa Monica Boulevard and Vine Street; Wilshire Boulevard to Mulholland Drive. Really, it’s quite finite. So when the invitation came from a dear colleague and wonderful New York publicist, Matthew Aversa, to attend the exclusive launch of Box Office Grill at the MGN Theatre in Glendale, which is at least 10 miles away… I managed to think up at least 15 different and very viable excuses why I could not attend.

Countess Michelle Czernin von Chudenitz Morzin


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Glendale, as I discovered, has become the mecca of chic. Great restaurants, stunning stores and an ultra-plush movie theatre called the MGN Five Star Theatre.  It is a special experience to sit, feet up in a “luxurious, plush-leather fully reclining” chair; be able to press a button and order a champagne, water, or dinner; and truly indulge in a Hollywood movie.

Matthew Aversa
Publicist Matthew Aversa (L)


Google Maps brought me to a quaint street, feet from Glendale’s Americana outdoor shopping experience. Parking was ample, well lit and safe – important, being that my husband Bo was on set; and my best friend and business partner Jessica Kill was with a client – I was coming solo.




Crossing the street to the clean and modern theatre, I could see photographers Bob Delgadillo and Cristian Mejia at the red carpet.  Matthew was at the front door, his ever dapper self and our mutual dear friend – one of my favorite managers in Los Angeles Tim Kessler beside him. Glass of champagne in hand, we took a few quick photos on the red carpet and went in. Said hello to Holland’s uber internet sensation Twan Kuyper and then there she was! Ms. Kelly Hu. Hawaiian goddess incarnate. Stunning, clever and hilarious – a lethal combination!

Twan Kuyper


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Kelly, who reminds me of one of my most favorite of people Ms. Victoria Pratt, was so much fun, I simply didn’t go a step further until the enigma himself arrived: Mr. Billy Zane.

Billy Zane
Billy Zane

The Box Office Bar and Grill which was launching, ushered out an extraordinary array of bites… I blame Kelly for trying the breaded avocado first… we simply could not get enough of Abraham Isseks creations.

                                            Chef Abraham Isseks

The evening evolved from there. Conversation, laughter, music and… Can Can dancers. Seriously. In full feathers.


As the night concluded we were invited into MGN deluxe theatre to watch the highly anticipated Marvel mega movie, Dr. Strange.  How was that? One hashtag sums it up perfectly, #MustSee.



Long story, short. If you are an Angeleno, treat yourself to an adventure. Head to Glendale, eat dinner at the Box Office Bar and Grill, then head in to the MCN Five Star Cinema’s for a movie. Aka it’s the #PerfectDateNight

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