Reason 1 #WhyHillary: A Believer in Progress


Guest columnist: Lorna Mae Johnson |  @LornaMaeJohnson

You only have one day to cast your ballots: Election Day. November 8, 2016 is tomorrow, and at the end of the day, we will know who President Obama will pass his torch to. We will either choose a candidate who had to have his Twitter privileges revoked, who has scammed small businesses into oblivion, who has avoided paying income tax, and who is facing litigation for a plethora of charges; or we will choose a candidate who has passionately supported women, encourages the growth of small business, wishes to reform healthcare so it is accessible to all, will work to forge a path to citizenship, has a tenacious passion for public service, is a voice for civil liberation, and is a believer that the best version of our country is one that learns from its mistakes, and continues marching on.



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With only one day left to vote, this Election Day Countdown has come to an end. So I will keep my final reason short and simple: Hillary is a believer in Progress.

We have learned so much as a country in the last one hundred years, and it is imperative that we keep moving forward, in the name of economic success, social equality, and advances in science and technology. If we wish to continue on with our reputation as the greatest country in the world, we need a candidate who will lead us into the future, not drag us back to the past.

Hillary is a candidate who will continue to improve our rankings on international scales, pushing for the success of our entrepreneurs, our infrastructure, our students – pushing for the success of our children, by providing them an environment that will foster their growth.

Lorna Mae Johnson


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Hillary believes in our future. And I believe in Her.

Let’s envision a future where we are Stronger Together.

One where everyone has access to the healthcare they need, an affordable education, and an economic landscape that provides an even playing field for everyone.

Hillary is a believer in Progress. And that is the Number One reason that I’m With Her.


Lorna Mae Johnson is a successful Afro-Latin entrepreneur, business leader and real estate investor. Appointed by President Obama to The Kennedy Center President’s Advisory Committee on the Arts; President’s National Advisory Board; President’s Advisory Committee on Health Care; she is the Honorary Consul General for Jamaica, Founder of Compassion for Teen Life (501c3), and as a health care professional, Co-Founder of the Advanced Family Care Medical Group in Los Angeles.  Johnson is a Surrogate/Hillblazer/National Finance Committee member for Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton.