Reason 3 #WhyHillary: A Tenacious Public Servant


Guest columnist: Lorna Mae Johnson |  @LornaMaeJohnson

While Hillary Clinton’s political resume is impressive, she also has a presidential demeanor. She is cool under pressure, has a passion for serving the public, and is not easily provoked into late night Twitter rants.



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She has the tenacity to face the many challenges of office, and the wisdom of a decades-long political career.

Even as First Lady, in Arkansas and for the US, Hillary was not content to give up her personal mission to make the lives of her constituents better. Instead of sitting out, Hillary acted as chair of the Rural Health Advisory Committee in Arkansas, during which time she secured funding to expand healthcare facilities to under-served rural neighborhoods. Clinton was also made full partner of the Rose Law Firm during her time as Arkansas’ First Lady. Her career path earned her a higher salary than her husband’s until they first moved into the White House in 1993.

Clinton, a passionately driven woman, knew that giving up her career would mean denying her identity and preventing her from making a difference on a greater scale. Hillary took her passion to the White House when Bill was elected, and transformed the role of First Lady from one of hosting and decorum, to one of fierce political activism. Despite any criticism that she wasn’t being true to the role of First Lady, Hillary put her head down and got things done, such as proposing healthcare reform and co-creating the Office on Violence Against Women. Hillary wasn’t about to take her platform as First Lady for granted.

After she fulfilled her role as First Lady, Hillary was on to the next challenge, Senate. Then, she won re-election. Then, she dreamed even bigger, and ran for president against a worthy opponent, Barack Obama. Then, she found herself in the cabinet, where she has spent her last eight years of public office.

Hillary does not quit. She didn’t quit when she became First Lady, nor when she lost to President Obama, and she will not quit working to make our country the best country it can be when she becomes President of the United States.



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Women with tenacity are women who can. Under Hillary’s fiercely passionate leadership, collected attitude, and commitment to serving, there is no bully who can provoke us, no pressure that will make us crack, and no challenge we cannot resolve.

We a day out of Election Day, and while millions of citizens across the country (and Americans living abroad!) have already taken advantage of early voting, there are plenty more who still have time to cast their ballots. We want to harness those unheard voices, so I will post one reason #WhyHillary until our new president has been chosen! Check in as I list reasons Hillary should be our next President of the United States.

Lorna Mae Johnson is a successful Afro-Latin entrepreneur, business leader and real estate investor.

Appointed by President Obama to The Kennedy Center President’s Advisory Committee on the Arts; President’s National Advisory Board; President’s Advisory Committee on Health Care; she is the Honorary Consul General for Jamaica, Founder of Compassion for Teen Life (501c3), and as a health care professional, Co-Founder of the Advanced Family Care Medical Group in Los Angeles.  Johnson is a Surrogate/Hillblazer/National Finance Committee member for Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton.