Reason 4 #WhyHillary: A Voice for Immigrants


Guest columnist: Lorna Mae Johnson |  @LornaMaeJohnson

Our country is made up of immigrants from every corner of the world:

We are French, we are Irish, and we are Polish.

We are Syrian, we are Turkish, and we are Pakistani.

We are Nigerian, Senegalese, Kenyan and South African.

Filipino, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

Canadian, Mexican, Honduran and Chilean.

And we are Trinidadian, Haitian, Cuban and we are Jamaican.

Native Americans are the only nation that did not immigrate from someplace else on Earth.



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With every continent represented in our beautiful country, “diversity” is a cornerstone of American society. We are a melting pot of every color and culture, and we should embrace our multicultural identity and strive to create a path for immigration. Lady Liberty, a pillar of American Culture, once ushered immigrants into Ellis Island, her torchlight leading the way. She asked for the tired and hungry and poor, knowing America was a land of opportunity.

Isolationism and nationalism should not mislead us about what has always made our country great. Hillary supports the diversity of voices represented in our country, and would preserve it by reforming our immigration system and ensuring a path to citizenship, one that doesn’t involve families being torn apart. She will defend the established executive actions to ensure that eligible families are protected. Hillary wishes to end inhumane detention practices.

The symbol of Lady Liberty means something to Hillary, which is why she will promote naturalization, support integration with language programs, and expand affordable healthcare to everyone, regardless of immigrant status. She will do this all while recognizing the need for regulation and deportation of criminals to protect our safety, and ensure that our country can continue to grow more colorful every day.

My Jamaican roots give me a unique perspective in American culture, and as a citizen of this country, I have been a valuable asset, stimulating the economy with my business practices, while my fervor for public service has earned me roles in government positions, and my passion for healthcare led me to found a medical facility for an underserved neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Lorna Mae Johnson


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Being an American citizen gives me opportunities to contribute to this country in valuable, meaningful ways. 

Some immigrants are still living in the dark, unable to prove their value. With Hillary at the helm of our country, they can come into the light, and prove themselves as valuable US citizens, bringing more color to our diverse palette, and proving our legacy as a country of many backgrounds.

Lorna Mae Johnson is a successful Afro-Latin entrepreneur, business leader and real estate investor.

Appointed by President Obama to The Kennedy Center President’s Advisory Committee on the Arts; President’s National Advisory Board; President’s Advisory Committee on Health Care; she is the Honorary Consul General for Jamaica, Founder of Compassion for Teen Life (501c3), and as a health care professional, Co-Founder of the Advanced Family Care Medical Group in Los Angeles.  Johnson is a Surrogate/Hillblazer/National Finance Committee member for Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton.