Reason 6 #WhyHillary: A Champion for Women and Girls


Guest columnist: Lorna Mae Johnson |  @LornaMaeJohnson

Women have gained a lot more access in the last 100 years, but there is still so much left to do and Hillary Clinton is up for the job.



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She supports legislation that helps women directly and indirectly, protecting our access to reproductive healthcare and working to end violence against women, as well as raising the minimum wage and expanding options for paid family leave.

These kinds of policies benefit women in two ways: directly impacting their personal freedoms and physical safety, and indirectly providing better economic opportunities necessary to offset the burdens of the wage gap and childcare. And that doesn’t include the foreign policy she has championed for women and girls abroad.

Economic policy directly effects women, who due to the wage gap, earn considerably less than men, and the disparity grows when race is taken into account. Despite this, women are more likely to bear the economic burden of providing for children and are responsible for most unpaid work, such as domestic labor and child rearing.

With a career advocating for women and children – from her work with the Children’s Defense Fund; founding the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families; supporting the Family and Medical Leave Act, Paycheck Fairness Act, and Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act; appointing the first Ambassador-at-Large for global women’s issues; to simply asserting that Women’s Rights are Human Rights – Hillary has used her entire career to address the inequality women face in the US and abroad.

Hillary knows the importance of creating a world with No Ceilings, and that creating policy for women and children not only improves their quality of life, but is an investment in our national economy.

Lorna Mae Johnson


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I am a woman who has worked hard myself to ensure that women in my community have a better chance at the life they envision for themselves, and that they can provide a better life for their children. I have used my experience in business to invest in women entrepreneurs, and I have created a health facility that provides medical services for women and children as well as educational services for teens.

The passion I have to serve women and children is the same passion I have witnessed in the candidate for women, Hillary Clinton. I believe under her passionate leadership, we will be Stronger Together in imagining a brighter future for our women, girls, and children.

We are less than a week away from Election Day, and while millions of citizens across the country (and Americans living abroad!) have already taken advantage of early voting, there are plenty more who still have time to cast their ballots. We want to harness those unheard voices, so I will post one reason #WhyHillary every day until our new president has been chosen! Check in every day as I list all the reasons Hillary should be our next POTUS. 


Lorna Mae Johnson is a successful Afro-Latin entrepreneur, business leader and real estate investor.

Appointed by President Obama to The Kennedy Center President’s Advisory Committee on the Arts; President’s National Advisory Board; President’s Advisory Committee on Health Care; she is the Honorary Consul General for Jamaica, Founder of Compassion for Teen Life (501c3), and as a health care professional, Co-Founder of the Advanced Family Care Medical Group in Los Angeles.  Johnson is a Surrogate/Hillblazer/National Finance Committee member for Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton.