Yum! Delicious And Easy Flexitarian Recipes


For those looking to integrate more plant-based proteins in their eating routine, without completely eliminating meat, the rising “Flexitarian” eating pattern is a delicious and attainable solution. With over one-third of American consumers open to plant-based eating, many  are adopting this method as a way to take charge of their health and wellness, without sacrificing their favorite foods. In fact, plant-focused diets are associated with lower body weight, lower blood pressure, and lower risk of cardiovascular disease. The flexitarian diet suggests an increase of nuts such as almonds, whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, with an occasional meat dish.

The eating pattern is exactly what it sounds like: flexible and easy to integrate into any lifestyle. To share how simple, tasty and rewarding the flexitarian diet can be, California Almonds has teamed up with nutritional health coach and top food blogger Lily Kunin from Clean Food Dirty City, to create a ready-to-devour collection of flexitarian recipes and smart snacks that even the most devout meat-eater would love.



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Lily’s recipe collection at Almonds.com/FlexitarianEating features delectable snacks and meals suitable for a variety of palates and preferences. Lily infuses taste and nutrition in her dishes by combining healthy ingredients such as almonds with flavorful roasted vegetables, avocados and a variety of spices. Lily’s collection is a delicious way to sample vegetarian and plant-focused recipes.

“I love experimenting with different foods in the kitchen and always find that vegetables allow me get to super creative,” Lily says. “It’s all about finding a lifestyle that works for you, which may mean listening to your body and incorporating in high-quality animal protein as needed.”

For an appetizing snack, try Lily’s Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Spicy Almond Butter Dip, or pair the spicy almond butter with red peppers for a tangy and spicy snack. Enjoy her Ground Cauliflower Tacos with Spicy Almonds and Crunchy Slaw, served in corn tortillas and topped with cabbage, jicama and cilantro, with one as a crunchy afternoon snack, or three for a full meal. For a filling and easy meal, try Lily’s Fresh Market Bowl with Fried Egg and Almond-Tamari Sauce topped with sliced almonds.



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Lily shares additional quick tips and smart snacks on how to eat flexitarian at Almonds.com/FlexitarianEating. Ideas include:

  • Want a little something sweet and crunchy as an afternoon snack? Opt for an apple or nut and seed crackers topped with almond butter. You can buy individual packets of almond butter for a quick, convenient travel snack.
  • Satisfy a craving for something creamy with chia pudding. Top with sliced almonds and fresh berries for a smooth and slightly sweet afternoon snack!

Find more of Lily’s suggested snack choices here.