EXCLUSIVE: Romy Balvers’ ‘Frail’ Transforms Life Experiences Into Powerful Lyrics

Romy-Balvers -singer-songwriter-frail
Photo Credit: Marisa Pena

Music can help heal wounds. It has the power to uplift and strengthen the soul. It takes deep life experiences with hurt, devastation, and sometimes tragedy to write compelling lyrics that others can relate to.

Music unites people. It is a universal language. All it takes is one singer delivering lyrics that people can relate to and just like that, those words can unite people and bring them comfort, hope, and inspiration.

Words are as powerful as is music. Romy Balvers is a singer-songwriter who takes her life experiences and turns them into beautifully written songs that are raw and full of emotion. Originally from Amsterdam, Romy moved to New York in 2009 to pursue her recording career full-time. She draws inspiration from life and from varying artists such as Elton John, Florence & the Machine, and London Grammar to name a few.

Romy-Balvers -singer-songwriter-frail


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She self-financed and self-released her debut album ‘Unbound’ in the summer of 2014. The album and good part of her ouvre to-date consists of songs dealing with the complexities of life and relationships.

She hasn’t stopped writing, producing, and releasing music since. Romy’s newly-released music video for her single “Frail”, directed by Marisa Pena, depicts what it is like to love someone who struggles with an addiction.

When asked about the video, Romy said, “We tried to keep the video as open and honest, vulnerable, as possible. It’s a heartbreaking song in which I explain why loving someone who doesn’t love themselves by having an addiction will never produce a stable relationship.”

Romy-Balvers -singer-songwriter-frail
Photo Credit: Marisa Pena


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Romy pours her heart out through her music inviting listeners to share her stories. She reminds us that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and to stay true to oneself.

Her next single “Make It Work,” is produced by Michael DiLalla, mixed by John Agnello (Kurt Vile, Patti Smith) and mastered at Sterling Sound in NYC. Drummer Paul Garisto (Psychedelic Furs, Iggy Pop, Ryan Adams) is featured on the track.

The single releases in February 2017 with an accompanying video directed by Izzy Church Actor Erik Heger (known for Upside Out (2006), The Umbrella Man (2014) and The Shells (2015) plays the featured male role.

“Frail” Music Video: “Frail” Music Video

Purchase “Frail” on iTunes here.

More about Romy can be found at romymusic.com