Grab A SOLA Snack For A Convenient And Nutritious Snack


SOLA Snacks is the #1 product in the bar category in the SupplySide CPG Editor’s Choice Awards for 2016. Winners for each consumer packaged goods (CPG) product category were announced from a list of finalists selected by the SupplySide editorial team for achievements in innovation and market impact.  Awards were presented in 22 different categories.

“I’m so pleased SOLA Snacks is recognized as a top product innovation.  Our product is designed to fill a void in the category by providing unique healthy meal-like savory bars to consumers. We’re a very young company. This is validation of our vision and commitment to providing consumers with great tasting products that have simple, wholesome ingredients that can be found in anyone’s kitchen pantry,” says SOLA Snacks LLC founder and president Sola Lamikanra, who accepted the award during SupplySide West’s CPG Editor’s Choice Awards Presentations Oct. 7 in Las Vegas.



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“What it comes down to for most consumers today is they want snacks that merge convenience with nutrition,” says Sola. “They’re discovering that Sola Bars are a nutritional guilt-free experience that’s satisfying and filling and that doesn’t give them that sugar rush that they get from other bars.”

The innovation SOLA Snacks brings to the marketplace is “the way we blend only wholesome foods to create flavorful savory tastes whose whole ingredients stand up on their own in the convenience of a bar, without the need for nutrient and flavor isolates or a significant level of sugar, syrup or other additives to hold them together,” says Sola.



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Our meal bar concept is increasingly being embraced by a variety of consumers.  Sola Bars aren’t just a new product; they’re a disruptive concept in the snack category. Until now, it didn’t exist. People are identifying and adopting them for occasions that best fit their lifestyle and needs.  The most common comment we receive is that it’s not what they expected from a bar. It truly is a meal in the form of a bar. Our bars have herbs, spices, seeds, and nuts – that’s it,” says Sola. “No added ingredients are in it that would lead you to conclude that this is a processed product.”.

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