Want No GMO Ingredients In Your Pasta? Grab BUITONI!


BUITONI, known for high quality and freshly made refrigerated pasta and sauces, is making a move to no GMO ingredients. This change is the next step in an ongoing journey to offer consumers products that they know and trust. Ensuring each product is made to perfection, BUITONI receives inspiration for its authentic, Italian recipes at Casa Buitoni in Sansepolcro, Italy, once the Buitoni family home where award-winning Italian recipes have been created for more than 175 years.



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“From our heart and home at Casa Buitoni, the BUITONI brand has always strived to bring high quality, delicious pasta to dinner tables,” said Erica Starrfield, BUITONI brand manager. “We know that more and more consumers want to understand where their food comes from and how it’s made. Our move to no GMO ingredients and shorter, clearer ingredient statements are part of an ongoing effort to create pasta and sauces that families and individuals trust and continue to enjoy.”

BUITONI, which is made without artificial colors and flavors, received verification for its “no GMO ingredients” claim from globally trusted third-party verifier SGS. To achieve this, BUITONI sourced and replaced new ingredients for its recipes and conducted an SGS audit to ensure the process – from the sourcing of ingredients through production – is consistent with the “no GMO ingredients” claim.

Additionally, BUITONI packaging will be redesigned to reflect the brand’s ingredient changes and will carry a new “no GMO ingredients” logo. The new packaging will include recipe inspirations, as well, to help consumers create a delicious dinner at home.



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The renovated line of BUITONI pasta and sauces will be available in the refrigerated section of grocery stores nationwide this month.

Nestlé USA is part of a global company that has spent 150 years putting thought and care into making our food delicious, high quality and nutritious. The company is broadening its product offerings to give consumers more options with no GMO ingredients and identifying these products with the SGS-verified “no GMO ingredients” claim. While federal, international, and independent organizations have found that foods made with GMO ingredients are as safe as foods made with ingredients from conventional crops, Nestlé USA understands that consumers are seeking choice and many prefer to select products with no GMO ingredients. For more information on Nestlé USA’s position on GMO ingredients, please visit http://www.nestleusa.com/about-us/gmo.