Dan Rather’s Doc ‘America Divided: The Rise Of Trump Nation’ Premieres on AXSTV Nov 1


Award-winning journalist Dan Rather gives viewers an in-depth look at the Country’s current political climate in the all-new AXS TV documentary AMERICA DIVIDED: THE RISE OF TRUMP NATION, premiering Tuesday, November 1, at 9pE/6pP.



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With America on the brink of one of its most discussed—and, arguably, most important—presidential elections in recent memory, this exclusive hour-long event seeks to objectively provide context and perspective to the immense cultural and political change that has been brewing in the Country for decades, as well as address the fears, issues, and concerns that Americans are dealing with as they prepare to head to the polls this November.

With national tensions at an all-time high, Rather sets out to determine how the Country got to this point—traversing a shifting political landscape where many citizens are dis-satisfied with both parties’ options, and feeling great anxiety about the consequences that might follow should their preferred candidate fail to be elected. Cutting to the heart of the matter in his trademark style, Rather puts the spotlight on some of the nation’s biggest hot-button matters, speaking to experts, journalists, and every day citizens, alike, to give all sides of the argument a voice.



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Keying in on this tremendous angst caused by the Country’s growing distrust of government, and concerns about illegal immigration and the increase in terrorism, businessman Donald Trump has enjoyed an improbable political rise. AMERICA DIVIDED: THE RISE OF TRUMP NATION travels across the Country, taking cameras inside Trump’s massive rallies to hear first-hand from the people who support him, and to gain a better understanding of the issues that resonate most with them—issues that go far beyond Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Highlights of this thought-provoking piece include a thorough examination of the influx of immigrants from across the world, as well as a changing racial climate where whites are no longer the majority, and ‘nostalgia syndrome’—or the growing desire to return to a simpler time that may have never really existed.

“With all of the change that has affected this Country in recent years, many people are left wondering what is going on, and how did we get here,” Rather said. “This is my best effort to really get to the root of the biggest issues that America is currently dealing with. No stone is left unturned here, as we strive to understand what’s causing the anger, fear, and confusion that many Americans are dealing with today. This was truly an eye-opening experience for me, as we brought cameras into an area not usually allowed at Trump’s rallies to hear firsthand from his supporters. It’s something I’ve never seen before.”



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“For all of the highs and lows that this election season has brought with it, one positive thing that it’s done is get people talking and get them involved in the future of this Country,” said Mark Cuban, AXS TV CEO. “Millions have tuned in just to watch the presidential debates, so this is obviously something that Americans care a great deal about and are incredibly invested in. It’s essential to be as educated as possible when making such an important decision, and we’re honored to have a well-respected talent like Dan Rather onboard to show our viewers the pressing issues and guide them along on this wild journey.”