Celebrity Designer Erica Calvo: The women’s guide to making your man look good.


Ladies: I want you to get home this evening and have a look at your man’s closet. This is where we separate the men from the boys. Are you seeing something like this?



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You’re not alone, I had to do this with my boyfriend at home. We have some work to do. The fact of the matter is that (most) guys don’t know how to dress. They don’t understand different levels of formality, they can’t pair items they already own and they don’t want to look weird. That’s a problem. This is where we can step in with our sage advice and save the day with a little gentle prodding, a little common sense and of course, our great sense of style.

Fact: Your man needs to own a suit. Paying for a suit is a lot like paying for insurance. You pay for it so it’s available when you need it most. If your man got laid off tomorrow and needed to start interviewing or some unfortunate circumstance requires your attendance at a funeral service, you’ve got a week at best before he needs to be present in a suit. That’s not enough time to get him into a tailored suit so he doesn’t show up looking silly, dated or both. Who would you rather be standing next to at your cousin’s wedding?



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If he’s buying just one suit, make sure is it a traditional color. Starting with a navy, grey or charcoal suit should be versatile enough to cover most occasions. Tailoring DOES matter and it doesn’t just apply to suits. Buying shirts off the rack is notoriously difficult, because the manufacturer has to make it “fit” as much of the population as possible. I use the term “fit” loosely here because with ready-to-wear, it’s more about what fit issues consumers are willing tolerate. Who would you rather bring to your office holiday party?

You may have a guy who “only wears t-shirts”, but there IS such a thing as refined casual. No, it doesn’t have pictures of video game characters or superhero logos on it, but you can achieve a casual look, even while wearing “big boy” clothes.


Blazers are another point of contention. How do you dress them up, or down? Again, starting with navy or grey is your best bet for the most versatility. Black denim and boots with his blazer is a great option for date night or if he needs to be a little more snazzy, try stepping it up with chinos or slacks.



Celebrity Stylist Erica Calvo

I’ve met with a ton of couples to work through a new wardrobe that meets with everyone’s approval.

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