Custom Wicks & Wax: Blending Illumination And Imagination


Candles come in a multitude of varieties. However, that has not always been the case. Candles originated around 200 BC. They were primarily made from tallow and beeswax. Since beeswax was costly, candles were made of tallow in Ancient Rome since most people were not able to afford candles made from beeswax. In the 13th century, candle making turned into a craft guild in England and France with many candle makers going house to house to make candles or selling their own candles in small candle shops. In the 19th century, candles were being mass produced thanks to a new candle making machine that made about 1,500 candles per hour. This made candles more affordable. Back in the day, the common use for candles and oil lamps was for illumination. As incandescent light bulbs were invented in 1879 and other methods of lighting were introduced, the sales of candles declined drastically.



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The primary use of candles these days are for decorative and fragrant purposes. They can be used as centerpieces, party favors, and they make great gifts. Candles have a calming effect and set a nice, relaxing tone. They can completely transform an atmosphere and create a pleasant ambience. The fragrance of a candle can be quite soothing too.


Custom Wicks & Wax is a custom candle company based in Los Angeles that allows customers to get creative resulting in customized creations. All of their candles are handmade with love. The dazzling star shaped candles come in ivory and midnight black with a subtle and pleasant cinnamon vanilla fragrance. Customers have the option of customizing the stars with different color options and different fragrance options. Besides the stars, which can be used for many different occasions and events, they are known for their very special and limited spider web shaped candles. Each spider web candle is carefully hand crafted with much attention to detail during a very time sensitive process. It is a visually stunning candle that burns inwards leaving a hollow shape. After the wick of the spider web candle is completely burned, the remaining shape can be used to hold small items. It is a fun decorative piece with a subtle cinnamon vanilla fragrance.



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There will be many more custom candles added to the inventory in the near future including special shapes and colors for upcoming holidays. Customers can submit their own ideas for custom shapes and colors and Custom Wicks & Wax will create custom orders as long as they can find the proper mold or create the custom shape desired. Custom candles make great and thoughtful gifts for all occasions. Custom Wicks & Wax blends illumination with imagination.

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