Kygo Unveils A Unique Musical Experience Using Virtual Reality


Norwegian superstar, Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, a.k.a Kygo, unveils the “Carry Me” premium virtual reality (VR) experience. Set to the hit song ‘Carry Me,’ this revolutionary new music experience transports users into a stunning visual world where they are immersed in beautiful environments of oceans, forests, mountains, skies and a final epic sweep of the cosmos.

Using music as the underlying force to drive the visuals, “Carry Me” resets the bar for music based VR experiences by informing every pulse, color and form as Kygo guides users through this epic journey of creation.



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Sony Music International, Ultra Records, RCA Records and MPC VR will showcase the experience for the first time today at the two-day high profile entertainment focused VR conference called “VR On The Lot” (

MPC VR, the leading global visual effects and VR production studio, directed Carry Me with an approach that utilized the strengths of Virtual Reality technology to enable an entirely new kind of music experience. Starting with the lyrics, concept and structure of the song, MPC VR conceptualized a journey that would literally “carry” the user upward through a series of different environments.

Throughout the course of this journey, the user becomes larger as they transition through each environment, starting as the size of a cell and culminating into an incredible climax within a vast galaxy. Stressing the importance of Kygo’s presence within the experience, MPC VR flew a team to Norway to do a complete 3D scan of Kygo in his studio. This incredibly detailed model was then integrated using particles and forms to make him an integral part of the experience.



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In order to achieve the level of quality that Kygo fans would demand, MPC VR created the experience using game engine technology to enable features that aren’t achievable using static 360 video capture. These features included the incredible sensation of floating upward through each environment, stunning visuals and animations, scale and spatialization to allow the viewer can step closer to objects or change their perspective based on the angle at which they were viewing.

Kygo fans around the world can download the ‘Carry Me’ VR Experience on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in November.