Send Evite Invitations To Your Ghosts and Ghouls


With Halloween approaching and consumers expected to spend more than $7.8 billion on all things Halloween, the party experts at Evite are revealing top trends for the spook-tacular season. The majority of Halloween hosts plan general-theme parties, but new trends are also emerging. 11% of events planned through the Evite invitation service so far have a Halloween Birthday theme, and 17% of hosts are planning an annual event in 2016.



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In addition, with revelers expected to spend $2.6 billion on costumes, it’s no surprise that 13% of hosts are planning costume parties, a trend that is up 4% over 2015. Even pets will get in on the action, with 14% of Americans stating they will dress up their pets.

No matter how partygoers choose to spend Halloween, Evite offers easy-to-use invitations to make Halloweenparties a scream. Evite has unveiled 74 new designs for 2016. In past years, hosts have tended to choose traditional orange-and-black themes, but 2016 is seeing hosts embrace the macabre. Invitations like Halloween House Party and Halloween House of Horror play up the darker side of the holiday. Hosts may also create invitations by uploading photos to existing designs, or creating designs entirely from scratch using Evite’s Paid Premium offering. Hosts can also collect donations on their event using Evite Donations, so guests can party with a purpose.



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Just where will these celebrations take place? Chicago, one of America’s most notorious party cities, is leading the charge for the third consecutive year, proving that the Windy City knows how to make the most out of any reason to celebrate.

More than 30,000 events are planned nationwide so far, with 125,000 in total expected by October 31st, making Halloween the second-most celebrated holiday next to Christmas.