Adore Me Revolutionizes The Lingerie Fashion Industry


Adore Me, a distruptive e-commerce lingerie company and the #2 fastest-growing retail company on the 2015 Inc. 500 list launched its first activewear collection in October.

Following the brand’s guiding principle of inclusivity, Adore Me’s new activewear collection is available from XS to 4X and retails from $49.95 to $69.95 for a set (top and bottom). To launch this new product category, Adore Me shot an unconventional TV ad – featuring models Daniela Lopez and Bree Warren – which will air on national TV.



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Morgan Hermand-Waiche, Adore Me founder & CEO:

“Adore Me was launched with a mission to revolutionize the lingerie industry by providing sexy, affordable designs. We do not sideline women, but cater to all shapes and sizes. Adore Me is an inclusive brand and offers the same product range, with the same design sensibility, for petite, standard and plus size customers – with the relevant fit adjustments.

We want to be a staple in our audience’s wardrobe, whether she needs a lace bra, a stylish sports bra or a trendy sleepwear set. That’s why we believe that activewear is a natural addition to our current product line.

Most mainstream activewear brands offer a very limited size range where plus-size women get sidelined and have to shop from specialty and often less fashionable brands.

Adore Me has a dedicated activewear designer and a dedicated activewear fit expert to ensure that we are able to offer the best quality product and fit to all our customers, no exceptions made.”



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Adore Me is a distruptive e-commerce lingerie company that is revolutionizing the lingerie industry. Adore Me grew from a founder with a dream to a company of 100 employees across the US and Europe. With a massive online footprint of almost 1.2M Facebook followers and $11.5M investment raised from VCs, private investors and banks- Adore Me is disrupting the lingerie industry to the core.