Celebrity Designer Erica Calvo: What are the 3 suits every man should own?


Quality suiting has the potential to be a significant investment and many people aren’t confident they are choosing the most appropriate pieces. When rounding out your wardrobe wth suits, it’s important to start with some staples to be sure you’re covered for every occasion.



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The first suit you buy should be a durable fabric in navy or grey. These are classic colors to have in your closet and go with just about any shirt you own. Also, this will be super easy to style with a contrast tie for a pop of color.

This will be your workhorse suit, your go-to for things like court or a job interview. You can wear it several days a week and should choose a fabric that is 130’s or lower so it stands up to frequent use.

The next suit you buy should be something you can wear to more formal occasions: a funeral or a wedding, for example. Choose a more refined fabric in charcoal or black.

Since you’ll be wearing this one less frequently, a staple length of 130’s to 150’s will not only look and feel better, but also have a better drape for a more elegant appearance. Dry clean this as little as possible. A good steam should suffice to freshen it up and spot clean if necessary.



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Finally, the last suit you need to buy is your tux. This formal option is good for galas or opening night at a ballet, opera or symphony. Stick to traditional black or navy when choosing your tuxedo fabric.

A tuxedo is worn least frequently of all and many people wonder why they should make the investment in a tux rather than just renting one for the occasion. There are several reasons why. Firstly, renting a tux is a lot like buying clothes off the rack; what’s available has got to fit as many people as possible. The shop owner is not going to make permanent alterations so the tux actually fits YOU, and you’ll likely be wearing something of subpar quality that looks shapeless and boxy. You might and up being the only guy at the event who looks like they borrowed grandpa’s tux. Secondly, a quality tux should last you 10 years or more, so if you’re someone who attends awards shows or charity fundraisers often, buying your own tux will probably be cheaper in the long run. Also, when you own a tux, you tend to seek out more reasons to wear it. And then, lastly, of course wearing someone else’s clothes is just kind of gross.

Celebrity Designer Erica Calvo


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When moving into suits 4 and 5 you can get a little outside the box and have a little more fun with your selections. Bolder colors or patterns are good for a destination wedding or attending a jazz ensemble. Stick to traditional pieces if you’re just getting started so you’ll be prepared for any occasion.

If you or someone you know needs help with made-to-measure suiting or shirting, feel free to reach out to me at ecalvo@trumakeroutfitter.com or 818.457.9372. I’m happy to come by with swatches and help you pair fabrics no matter where you’re at in your suit game.