The 2016 Asian World Film Festival Announces Opening and Closing Night Films


The 2nd Annual Asian World Film Festival has selectedAsif Kapadia’s Ali and Nino as its opening night film, to be screened on October 24th at the Culver City ArcLight Cinema. Kapadia won the 2016 Documentary Feature Oscar® (with James Gay-Rees) for Amy, his documentary about Amy Winehouse. The closing night film presented will be South Korea’s Operation Chromite, starring Liam Neeson as General Douglas MacArthur, to be screened on November 1st. For schedules and ticket information:

Ali and Nino tells the love story of a young Muslim Azerbaijani nobleman (Adam Bakri) and a Christian Georgian princess (Maria Valverde) during the turbulent period after World War I and the rise of Communism. The film also stars Mandy Patinkin.



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Festival director Georges Chamchoum said, “We wanted to screen Ali and Nino as our opening film as we believe it captures the very spirit of the Festival. At the heart of the film, a young couple comes together despite their cultural backgrounds. Moreover, this is a film that is directed by Asif Kapadia, a British filmmaker of Indian descent, and was shot in the Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages, filmed in Azerbaijan and Turkey, and the lead actor is Palestinian born Adam Bakri (from the Oscar nominated movie Omar). This is what AWFF is all about — excellence in cross-cultural filmmaking and championing talent from the Asian continent.”

In Operation Chromite, General Douglas MacArthur (Liam Neeson) sends eight members of the Korean Liaison Office on a secret mission far behind North Korean lines. This covert operation must succeed so that MacArthur can launch the daring Incheon Landing Operation. The movie is based on true events but fictionalized.

Adds Chamchoum: “A real crowd pleaser, Operation Chromite is the best way to close our festival. It’s directed with brio by one of South Korean master filmmakers, John H. Lee. It is an epic war drama that takes you on a breathless thrill ride.”



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