Create Your Best Holiday Cards Yet With Genevieve Gorder and Pear Tree


This holiday season, send something bold, luxurious and full of soul from the 2016 Pear Tree Holiday Collection featuring exclusive designs by HGTV star Genevieve Gorder. These holiday cards take the traditional glitter and tinsel of the holidays and turn it upside down with a bold, dramatic look of foil and photographs that represent today’s families.

“This collection is graphic and playful, simple and bold. I want your card to stand out like you do when it’s hanging over the mantle…and that’s the job of good design,” said designer Genevieve Gorder. It was important that her collection feel inclusive, and she worked to find photographs that would “make sure everyone is represented at the party.”




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Gorder takes significant time in reviewing photography before even beginning a single design. She wanted to ensure that her collection “reflected the consumer, every color and lifestyle possible.” Knowing that the customer is going to customize her cards with photos of their own didn’t bother her a bit. “It makes me happy, that they liked my design enough to choose it to represent their family.”

“Genevieve’s holiday card designs are so exciting because there’s a bold, luxurious look to the designs, but the photographs bring out the soul in each card. These aren’t the families with perfect poses but, instead, feature children running, messy toes, falling over with giggles. This is the good stuff of life. Why do anything different for a Christmas card?” said Stephanie Bottner, Pear Tree general manager.




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The partnership with Pear Tree enables Genevieve Gorder fans to choose one of her designs and personalize it with their own photos and text to create their Christmas cards. Pear Tree’s new e-commerce technology makes it easier than ever to personalize cards online. “We’re now straight and to the point with a shortened name to and introduced product reviews, upgrade options and additional options to edit your personalization,” says Bottner. “We are very excited to see how much the site will improve the customer experience, especially in the upcoming holiday season!”