United Digital CEO Joe Wehinger discusses 9 Different Smart Phone App Frameworks


I’m going to warn you up-front that this is going to be tech-ier than usual, but I’ll do my best to keep it casual. This week there’s been a lot of app talk at our United Digital office and while it’s fresh on my mind I wanted to share a bit…

If you want your mobile app to reach as many people as possible and gain the largest market share in the process, going the hybrid route is probably the best option. But there are some specific challenges to developing a mobile app that you need to be aware of in order to provide a good experience for your customers. Because you are creating an app for multiple platforms, there may be some non-optimized components that cause crashes and slower load times. Fortunately there are many development frameworks that help streamline this process and will ensure your app runs flawlessly on all devices. Here are some of the best frameworks to use:



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Mobile Angular UI

This framework gives you access to overlays, switches, scrollable areas, navbars and sidebars, all of which are important from app development perspective. You also get access to overthrow.js and fastclick.js.

Intel XDK

Intel XDK makes it much easier for you to develop hybrid apps with HTML5. You also have the ability to quickly develop, test and distribute your app in multiple stores at the same time. The built in debug tool is an added plus.

Framework 7

Framework 7 will help you develop hybrid apps for iOS and Android devices. It is a framework agnostic, meaning it does not depend on the external frameworks like React and Angular. If you have a good working knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS, this may be the best framework for you to use.




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Ionic is one of the top open source HTML frameworks used in hybrid app development. Backend integration combined with robust APIs helps deliver ideal performance for businesses. There are also great UI tools with this framework.

Sencha Touch

This framework is also very popular, due to the 50+ built in components, and variety of themes that give your hybrid app the appearance of a native one. There are also great scrolling features associated with this framework.

Onsen UI

This framework also will give your app a native feel. The variety of layouts and the excellent documentation helps give out ideal results.



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Appcelerator Titanium

This framework uses JavaScript to help you create very elegant, intuitive app that runs like a native app. You also have the ability to create different modules and use them over and over again across applications.


Monaca is a commercial mobile app development platform with an extensive list of products for managing the app development life cycle. Monaca features a cloud based IDE for developing hybrid mobile apps and lets you compile and publish to a variety of platforms, utilizing Cordova.


Trigger.io has its own platform for bridging the gap between html5 development and native access. They claim it produces hybrid app that perform better than Cordova based applications.