The Moodsters Expands Product Line Designed to Promote Emotional Learning for Back-to-School


The Moodsters, the first-of-its-kind brand created to educate, entertain, and enhance the social and emotional development of children, celebrates the launch of two additional emotional intelligence (EQ) teaching tools for kids: The Moodsters Feelings Notebook & Feelings Crayon Set and The Moodsters Talking Plush and Activity Book assortment. The new Moodsters products will debut in select Toys R Us stores nationwide and on Based on decades of research showing that emotional learning can have a lifelong positive effect on children’s behavior, school success, ability to develop empathy, and physical and emotional well-being, the Moodsters brand is at the forefront of a new emotional intelligence and wellness category for children.



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Joining the brand’s current line of award-winning interactive toys by manufacturer Kids Preferred—including The Moodster Mirror, The Moodster Meter, and The Moodster Feelings FlashlightThe Moodsters Feelings Notebook & Feelings Crayon Set is a new tool to help children express what they are feeling through creative play. The set consists of five jumbo Feelings Crayons, each representing a different emotion (happy, sad, loving, angry, and afraid), and an accompanying 50-page Feelings Notebook in which kids can draw and color their feelings.


The new Moodsters Talking Plush Characters represent the five Moodsters detectives, who personify the emotions that all children experience in their everyday lives: happiness (Coz), love (Lolly), fear (Quigly), anger (Razzy), and sadness (Snorf). Each plush character articulates sayings and suggestions specific to the emotions they represent, and each comes with a 32-page activity book that helps kids learn about emotions while they’re having fun.

“Our new teaching tools help children identify, understand, and manage their emotions, particularly as they prepare to enter school,” said Denise Daniels, parenting and child development expert and creator of The Moodsters.



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All of The Moodsters products are offered by Kids Preferred, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of plush toys gifts. The Moodsters Feelings Notebook and Feelings Crayon Set and The Talking Plush and Activity Book will be available for purchase for $11.99 and $16.99, respectively, at Toys R Us and The Moodster Mirror, Moodster Meter, and Moodster Feelings Flashlight continue to retail on and in select Target locations across the country.