Back to School with Iceland Academy: Inspired By Iceland Invites Tourists to Learn from the Locals


Have you always wondered how Icelanders stay so cosy and stylish in sub zero temperatures or how to grab the best chance of witnessing firsthand, the beauty of the Northern Lights? Today, to celebrate the start of the Autumn school term, Inspired By Iceland has released the latest in its series of video tutorials offering insider advice and knowledge on some of the topics that tourists wonder about most.



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The latest informative video classes to be unveiled by global tourism initiative, form part of Iceland Academy, a fun, online educational tool for tourists wanting to experience a happy and meaningful experience in Iceland. Offering tips from local experts on how to pack, track down the beautiful Northern Lights and knowledge on the often misconcieved wonders of Icelandic Food, the classes are hosted by local ‘tutors’ including Ylfa Helgadóttir, a 27 year old chef and member of the National Culinary Team, Baldur Kristjáns, a photographer from Reykjavikwho has been documenting the life of Icelanders for the past 10 years and Head of Iceland Academy and Guide Stína Bang, previously seen in Iceland Academy’s ‘Responsible Travelling’ tutorial.

To celebrate the release of its ‘Delights of Authentic Icelandic Food’ tutorial, chef and ‘tutor’ Ylfa Helgadóttir will host a Facebook Live cookery class later this month, showcasing some of the secrets behind what makes Iceland one of the healthiest and longest living nations in the world. Social media fans and followers of Inspired By Iceland will be asked to vote for the Icelandic delicacy they want to see cooked live and viewers will be invited to ask questions and interact with Ylfa live as she cooks the chosen dish.



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Early this year, ‘Iceland Academy launched to help visitors understand the best of Icelandic culture, nature and etiquette and to ensure a happy and meaningful experience for tourists, whilst raising their awareness about how to travel in a safe and responsible way. Its ‘How to Avoid Hot-Tub Awkwardness’ video class captured the hearts of people the world over with its tongue-in-cheek approach to the sensitivities around pre hot-tub showering. Icelandic actor Björgvin Gunnarsson, star of Iceland Academy’s ‘How to Avoid Hot Tub Awkwardness’ puts in another showstopping performance in the latest videos launched today.



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Iceland Academy’s classes are open to everyone via the Inspired By Iceland website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Users are invited to watch the new video tutorials and complete a short, fun quiz, testing their newly learned knowledge on everything from hot tub etiquette and local food sustainability, to glacier safety. On successful completion of the quiz, viewers will recieve a special Iceland Academy badge and be entered into a competition to win a once in a lifetime ‘field trip’ to Iceland where they can test out their new skills.

Additional classes including A Guide to Icelandic Festivals, A Guide to Safe Selfies, How To Travel Further inIceland, Therapeutic Iceland and A Beginners Guide to Icelandic Horses and Sagas will be added later in the year.