RELLECIGA Announces Their Four Hottest Bikini Picks for This Year 2016


International swimwear brand RELLECIGA has announced their four hottest bikini trends for 2016. This year’s top trends include retro high necks, quirky criss-cross detail, sensual lace, and the innovative multi-way RIKINI.

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Vintage high neck

Retro styles featured strongly in the catwalks of 2016, and that’s why the RELLECIGA team have put the 1960s inspired high neck bikini at the top of the list of this year’s trends. Sexy without being too revealing, the high neck style is perfect for fashion conscious women who like to stay active on the beach. The halter design features a mesh inset, adding a modern twist, while removable padding and adjustable ties ensure perfect fit and comfort.



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Quirky criss-cross

A RELLECIGA bikini is a fashion statement as well as a piece of swimwear, and that’s definitely true with the quirky yet feminine criss-cross bikini. This bikini set gives a fun twist to the timeless triangle shape with criss cross detailing at the front center of the top. The design perfectly showcases feminine curves while also providesadded support.

RELLECIGA’s lead designer Joanne explains why the criss-cross design is one of her favorites: “As a bikini lover myself, I know that a bikini needs to be fashionable, sexy, unique and comfortable. The criss-cross bikini combines all of these things, and that’s why it’s an absolute must-have addition to my holiday suitcase!”

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Luxurious lace

Lace is one of the biggest trends of 2016, not just in swimwear but around the fashion world, and RELLECIGA’s iconic lace bikini has been one of the best sellers of this year. This design features expert craftsmanship, adjustable hand made braided back and neck ties, and sexy Brazilian cut bottoms. According to the RELLECIGA team, it’s the perfect choice for a romantic couples’ getaway.

RELLECIGA’s lace bikini is a favorite with the brand’s celebrity fans: German lifestyle guru and model recently wore the lace bikini in the RELLECIGA 2016 New York Times Square large-LED ad, while Italian singer Jessica Brando chose the lace bikini for her shoot in the August 2016 issue of top fashion magazine ELLE UK.

Versatile RIKINI

Designed for women who like to pack light, but don’t want to wear the same outfit on the beach, the RIKINI is one of RELLECIGA’s best-known creations. The world’s first multi-way bikini that can be worn six different ways, the RIKINI perfectly illustrates RELLECIGA’s innovative, creative and customer-focused approach to design.