Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Of Mice and Men Rock Out Their Summer Tour


In this digital age, some might claim rock n roll is dead. The biggest tour this summer provided proof that rock and metal are still very much alive and rambunctious. June marked the beginning of the Slipknot and Marilyn Manson tour with show dates wrapping up in August. Despite Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor having to undergo emergency spinal surgery right before the tour was supposed to begin, that did not result in cancellation of the tour or stop Corey from performing all summer long. Instead, the beginning of the tour was postponed and a number of shows were rescheduled as in true rock n roll fashion, the show must go on… or in this case, the tour must go on.



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The show opened with a roaring set by the guys in Of Mice And Men. Their vigorous performance gave the crowd a taste of what to expect as the night went on. It was a great way to warm up the audience for the musical madness that was yet to come.

Next up was the mystical Marilyn Manson. His thunderous performance was a refreshing reminder of the exceptional quality, depth, and theatrics that used to be a more common occurrence amongst legendary bands in decades past. Given the carefully thought out attention to a visually appealing set, everyone was lured in with fascination throughout the entire set with songs including “The Dope Show” and “Sweet Dreams”. The crowd immersed in unity as the thrilling set came to an end with “The Beautiful People”.



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As the house lights in the venue faded to black, Slipknot’s hair-raising set began with a chilling intro of “Be Prepared For Hell” as they opened with “The Negative One” off of their most recent album, .5: The Gray Chapter. With immaculate lighting and a well-balanced setlist consisting of multiple songs from each album, this electrifying feeling lasted continuously throughout their entire set. Experiencing a live Slipknot performance is like watching a chaotic circus. With an embellished stage set up, hydraulic drum risers, pyrotechnics, and nine band members storming the stage, seeing this band perform never gets old. Notorious for setting each other on fire during shows in their earlier days and launching off of elevated areas, you never know what will happen at each show. They have always pushed boundaries, broken limits and barriers, and achieved a new level of excitement and entertainment to provide an exhilarating experience. Slipknot has been wreaking havoc since the 1990’s and continues to be one of the most riveting bands around today.


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With summer coming to an end, Black Sabbath and Slipknot will be joining forces for a two-day music festival in San Bernardino this fall. Ozzfest meets Knotfest was officially announced in May. As if the news of the two music festivals converging wasn’t enough, Slipknot just announced that they will be performing their album IOWA in its entirety for the first time ever at this year’s Knotfest to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the intensely cacophonous album. This year’s festivities will be a once-in-a-lifetime weekend of music and mayhem.


Tickets for Ozzfest meets Knotfest are available.