Heart Pharmacy brings Music Therapy to your Soul


Music is therapeutic and good for the soul. Music is made from the heart and meant to touch the hearts of listeners. Ali Sarijlou, better known by his stage name Heart Pharmacy, is a music prodigy making a lot of noise on his very own with music that leaves a positive impact on listeners. Although his hometown is Sandy, Utah, Ali made a splash in the San Diego music scene over the last eight years while he lived there. Now back in Utah, his following and support has continuously been growing at an exponential rate.



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It all started when he asked his mom to buy him a mic and a mic stand at the age of twelve. Shortly thereafter, at the age of thirteen, he asked his father for an electric guitar. He has been creating music ever since. Ali says punk rock is what really made him fall madly in love with music. Some of his grassroots influences include New Found Glory, Descendents, MXPX, Blink 182, Lagwagon, Face To Face, and Elliott Smith to name a few. There are three albums that really inspired him to play music: Blink 182’s “Dude Ranch”, Jimmy Eat World’s “Static Prevails”, and Elliott Smith’s “Either/Or”.



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Heart Pharmacy’s debut album, Natural Selection, was released in August of 2008 followed by the release of his next album, Drive, in June of 2012. On April 07, 2016, Heart Pharmacy released his latest album, Xtablet. The album consists of twelve exquisitely crafted songs. Each song is a beautiful blend with roots from various genres and styles of music. Ali managed to tastefully intermix different sounds that compliment one another to create unique sounds and lyrics that flow ever so smoothly.

Beyond the magnificent work on the album is the brilliant packaging. The album Xtablet comes in a prescription bottle. In the bottle is a tablet. The tablet is a USB containing all of the songs from the album. With many people simply downloading music straight to their phones and computers these days, this is a unique and interactive way to engage people with a physical format of music.


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With his outside the box thinking, it is exciting to see what direction Heart Pharmacy will go in next. When I asked Ali what he thinks he will be creating in the foreseeable future, he replied, “I see myself creating a few more electronic based albums and including much more electric guitar. I am interested in getting a bit more dirty and distorted with my sounds, while staying true to my signature cleans. I will be creating a lot of the new sounds with my vocals sampled in through a mic and manipulated in ways I think would sound cool.”

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