Reveals Parents’ Top Back to School Stressors


With Back-to-School season here, parents are faced with many pressures which include everything from stocking up on supplies to packing the perfect lunch to watching the financial bottom-line., the online version of a wholesale shopping club where you can buy everyday essentials in bulk and have them delivered to your door without any membership fees, surveyed parents to find out the top stressors they are facing this back to school season.

“When the parents at Boxed got talking about their back-to-school preparations this year, we noticed we were all stressed about different things” said Rick Zumpano, Vice President of Distribution and parent to three girls. “By sharing some of the ways we handle our back to school stress, we hope to save parents some money, time, and energy.”




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The Housekeeping Hustle
Whether you are trying to get your home clean before school starts or keep it clean once classes begin, cleaning is the biggest stressor this back to school season with 55% of parents stressed about keeping their homes clean. Kitchens and bathrooms are breeding grounds for germs and with 41% of parents worried about their kids getting sick this back to school season, it is no surprise that cleaning is on the top of everyone’s mind.

The Lunchbox Lament
The pressure is on for parents to pack the perfect lunch, so it is no surprise that with 73% of parents packing their children’s lunches most days, 1 in 3 parents are stressed about what goes in their kiddos’ lunch boxes.

The School Supplies Shuffle
Whether you are a coupon clipping or a ‘buy now, pay later’ kind of shopper, 30% of parents say they are stressed about school supplies this year.  Money is top of mind as the majority (51%) of parents are stressed about finances this fall with 38% saying they plan on spending more on school supplies this year than they did last year.


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The Chill-Out Cha-Cha
Regardless of what part of the back to school season has parents feeling stressed, we all need to find a way to relax. Thirty-four percent of parents say that catching up on their favorite TV shows is their preferred way to mellow out. Almost 20% of parents choose to unwind with wine or a cocktail. Other favorite de-stressors included time at the spa (10%), shopping (9%), date night (8%), meditation (6%) and late night eating (4%). Too bad 13% of parents claim that they are too stressed to relax!

Whatever is stressing parents out this Back to School season, has all the snacks, supplies and cleaning needs parents need to have delivered to their door in bulk so they never run out.

Source: 981 people in U.S. surveyed online between July 26, 2016 and August 2, 2016.